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WILSON  is a 4 yr old Border Collie.  He weighs 57 pounds.  He is beautifully marked and has a short, easy to keep clean coat.  He is larger on the Border Collie scale but the previous owner indicated that he is from registered parents.  He reminds me of the original (real) McNabs who were large, drop earred, solid and tough range cattle herding dogs (not the new reinvented small and slightly built dogs).  

In looks and temperament, Will is what you might seek to get if you mixed a Border Collie with a Labrador and got the best of both worlds.  He is sweet, affectionate, energetic, enthusiastic, very athletic and light on his feet, absolutely dedicated to his person, very solid in new environments and situations, and of a size and stature to add a sense of security for a person hiking or living alone.  He is amazingly fast.

Will is acclimating very well to house life and outdoor adventures with his person.  He previously was a ranch dog on large acreage with range cattle.  He pulls on a leash if he's excited or I'm not moving at the speed he likes but otherwise he's attentive to the leash and person.  He has very good body awareness for a larger dog and can run, jump and turn at the same time and land gracefully.

He will be an excellent hiking/mt. biking dog – he is used to traveling long distances with his person on horseback and is super attentive to his name. 

Wilson will NOT be adopted out to either a cattle herding home or to an outdoor home.  Nor should he live next door to cattle that he can get to.

Wilson is neutered, vaccinated DAPP and Rabies, microchipped, and on Revolution.  He is crate trained.

If you are interested in adopting Wilson, please fill out the application on this site and then contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at:

 360-387-5811 (no voice mail so just keep trying) 

FB message at

I work several jobs, so it can take a few days to return phone calls.  Reference the word stardust in any communication to show me that you have read the complete bio.

Russell is located in Stanwood, WA


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