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Theodore is a three year old Border Collie who is looking for a quiet home with patient people willing to work with him to gradually change his view of the world.  He lived in an apartment, with little chance to get exercise.  He became very anxious insofar as noises and anything out of the ordinary and alerts to minor changes in environment.  He does okay with a couple of small dogs, but is defensive around more normal size Border Collies.

His ideal place would be in a home in a more rural area, remote from traffic and neighboring animals.  A quiet home means a fenced yard with room to run and play, with one or two people in the household.  Dog parks and other public exercise areas are not appropriate.

Theo has been in foster care for a relatively short time and during that time he has made good progress towards opening up: not hiding at every interruption and enjoying the outdoors.  He enjoys chasing a ball, playing tug and can occupy himself with various toys.  He immediately  liked the woman in the house, lays quietly  at  her feet while she is working, responds well to her.  He also tolerated the man initially and is becoming more comfortable with him as well, as Theo figures out that he can be recognized as a good dog.

He is smart, sleeps well overnight, house trained and does well when he remains separated from the other “bigger” dogs.  He is a gentle dog that doesn’t tear stuff up.  He responds lovingly to tender conversational tones.

So what does Theo need from his adopter?  Patience, knowledge of proper handling, vigilance for situations that would act negatively in Theo’s plan for adaptation, understanding that small positive steps are amazingly productive and – did I mention - patience, patience.  What satisfaction will the adopter garner?  An upwelling sense of joy as Theo becomes more bonded and adapts his responses to the care and perception exhibited by his people.  Theo has a very good recall and would qualify as a Velcro dog.

Theo has a lot of potential for growth and change.  Over the years, we have adopted out a lot of dogs with various issues, have counselled adopters about handling do’s and don’ts, etc.  One would be surprised at the number of emails which come after some time…  “xxx is the best dog in the world.”

Theo is neutered, up-to-date on his shots and weighs 35 pounds.  He presently resides at the Buried Rock Farm near Port Orchard, WA.



If you are interested in adopting Theo, please contact Bob Lee: phone: 253-229-2623   email:

ADOPTION PENDING at this time!

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