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Due to a military reassignment, Sami finds herself back in rescue/foster care after 8 years of being a loved family member.

Sami is 9 years old, spayed, and weighs 50 lbs (a healthy weight for her). She is playful and athletic and enjoys playing fetch with a ball. She is likely not a purebred border collie, but mostly. There is no information on what the cross breed might be. She was seen recently for her annual vet check which included a dental cleaning (she is missing a couple of teeth). She is UTD on all shots, including Bordetella, and is microchipped. She loves walks and does great on a leash and has a good recall off leash. She has a good appetite. She enjoys being brushed and is accustomed to going to a groomer and having baths. She does well in a crate overnight and is housetrained. She enjoys traveling in a car.

Sami becomes very bonded to her person. She will trail a person in the house from room to room and settle down next to them at each stop. She is accustomed to laying on furniture and will nap with a pillow on the couch (it is quite cute). Sami barks at new visitors to her home but after introductions is accepting and friendly. She is protective of her property including any vehicle she is in. She has a serious personality but is very easy to love as she is a real partner type of dog.

Sami doesn’t want to share her person with other resident dogs and will lash out at random times when another vies for my attention, picking fights. Therefore, she should be an only dog. Managing her in foster care with multiple dogs has shown this behavior but when alone with me, she is golden and you couldn’t ask for better company. I haven’t tested her on cats but on walks, her interest peaks when we see a cat or other small animals. Sami is not suitable for a dog park due to these behaviors. She is used to being walked on a leash on city streets with lots of people without issue and can pass by other dogs without any problems, but a comfortable nylon mesh type muzzle would ensure she doesn’t get herself into trouble.

An ideal permanent home would be a single retired or work-from-home person/couple where Sami is an only dog. She is not eligible for a home with cats or other small animals and in the adoption contract, there will be a clause of adopters having no intention of getting other animals. Her previous home had a toddler and there were no issues but with all border collies, I advise against children under 8 years old being a part of the household. Careful introductions should be conducted with any dog for visiting well-behaved children.


She has been on a farm here in foster and doesn’t bother our horses but does like to lunge at the fence to scare up the sheep once in a while. I’ve taken her off-leash in with the sheep and at first she thought she might dart at them but took a call-off command easily and stuck by my side. She is not a candidate to be a herding dog. She is great company, will lay on the couch with you for movies or reading time, tag along outside for chores, loves walks and to go places in the car. She requires daily exercise but has an awesome off button. Her previous adoptive home taught her lots of tricks. I don’t know how many she knows but she can high five, shake, spin, etc. She knows all of the basics like sit, lie down, stay and is responsive.

As with all adoptive dogs, Sami requires a safely fenced yard, regular exercise, a high-quality diet, proper grooming and veterinary care, and lots of love and attention. Sami is a partner for life type of girl and this next home must be committed to her for the rest of her life and that could be quite a few more years. I


Sami is currently located in Ellensburg, Washington. If she sounds like the perfect girl for you, please complete an application and send questions to Thank you for thinking rescue!

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