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Sadie is an approximately 6 year old McNab whose family moved off their acreage and no longer had a job for her to do so she was left at a rural Utah shelter.


At a petite 35 lb with a docked tail., she’s the ideal size – both portable and powerful. In fact, sometimes we’d swear she has springs instead of legs, easily jumping onto the tall 40-inch high tailgate of her foster family’s pickup. Sadie rides quietly in her crate in the car and loves to go places, but she’s also been well behaved when left home alone in a gated bathroom. She did have a few piddle accidents in the house early on, but has since been 100% with her housetraining.


Sadie is a real love and is one of those dogs that will press against you and flip your elbow out of the way to get the cuddles she feels she deserves. She’s not terribly food oriented but she will scope out the kitchen counters if given a chance. Fortunately, she’s too short to reach much! As for toys, she doesn’t show much interest yet, but we don’t think she had much familiarity with toys in her early life.


Sadie is crate trained, housetrained, quite good on leash and has a good recall in the yard. She hasn’t been destructive, doesn’t demonstrate any issues with resource guarding, and overall is just a sweet, good girl. She seems to get along well with most other dogs, although she did act a little snarly once early on when her foster mom’s male dog tried to get her to play.


Sadie has boundless energy, athleticism, and not a lot of training, so in many ways she’s a blank slate eager to discover what her interests and abilities are. She could easily keep up with an athletic human partner at just about any activity, but she also settles well in the house.

Sadie's adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, vaccinations and microchip.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Sadie, please complete an application. 





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