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Riley is an Australian Shepherd, or possibly an Aussie/Border Collie mix. He is one year and a couple months old and weighs about 38 pounds. He is a gorgeous tri-color with a single rough coat. His tail is docked short.

He has lots of energy and LOVES to hike in the woods and on the beach. He is much more than a leash walk around the block kind of dog. He is much more athletically built than the “show type” Aussie, as he is less upright and has better angle. He could be a great Agility dog – he's speedy, quick and surefooted. He is also very smart and picks up things quickly. He deserves a person that wants to teach him loads of stuff (tricks, games, behaviors) and can communicate clearly and effectively.

Riley is outgoing and a bit forward in an Aussie kind of way. He is not the type of dog who wants to patiently wait while you take 20 minutes to put your shoes on before a walk. He's a “let's go” type of guy. He likes clear direction from his person and wakes up every morning looking to have fun. He is way more than a house/yard dog with daily leash walks. He wants a person who wants a dog partner, wants to learn a lot more stuff (tricks, behaviors, etc.) and wants to spend a lot of time with his person.

Riley is friendly with people and other dogs, but does appreciate politeness and good manners with either. He is interested in my cat but controllable.

If you are interested in adopting Riley, let me know who your favorite dog trainer type is, and what kind of life you can give Riley.

Riley is current on vaccines and neutered. He is crate trained.

If you are interested in adopting Riley, please fill out the application on this site and then contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at:

 360-387-5811 (no voice mail so just keep trying) 

FB message at

I work several jobs, so it can take a few days to return phone calls.  Reference the word marsrover in any communication to show me that you have read the complete bio.

Riley is located in Stanwood, WA

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