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REGGIE is a purebred, registered neutered male Border Collie.  He was born in April, 2016.  He is a super handsome split-faced, tri-color, rough coat with gorgeous amber eyes.  He weighs in the 50 lb range.

Reg is a super sweet boy who likes to be petted, enjoys a tummy rub and is good with grooming. He loves to go for hikes but needs just a little bit more practice to not pull on his leash.  A well fitted, free movement harness would help.  He rides well in the car but hasn't had much practice with that either so he needs some help to get in.

He has been an outside-only farm dog, so he is transitioning to living in the house.  He loves his person and will be a great partner for watching a movie on the couch, hiking in the woods, beach combing, and farm helper.  Reg is good at moving his cattle with no fuss and drama but with good authority.  He is in need of a new home because his acreage and cattle were sold and the neighbor does not appreciate Reg's volunteer herding of his cattle.  So Reg is in a bit of a lifestyle flux as he had one job, the company folded and he was left unemployed, with a narrow skill set.

Reg likes all people and he has had a few toys over the years but mostly chewed them up.  We had a wonderful moment this morning when I went to take him for a walk and he insisted on looking for, finding and grabbing his Kong first!  He will be someone's best bud and partner but does have a lot of learning to do about “things off the ranch”.  He has had no exposure to traffic, urban sounds, or life as it pertains to an indoor family member, but he's smart and a fast learner and wants to do things right.  

A home with stock where Reg can work (as long as it isn't outside-only) will be considered, a home with no stock is appropriate as well, but a home for Reg where there is stock next door or close enough that he can get to will not be appropriate for him.

Reggie's adoption fee is $350. If you're interested in adopting Reggie, please complete the application form at the link below.


You can also reach Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at 360-387-5811 (sorry, there is no voicemail) or

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