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Recce (pronounced Recky) is an unsprayed female Blue Heeler a little over a year old. Her shots are current but some are due soon. She is very active. She loves to chase the Chuck-it ball and also a Frisbee. She will sit on the couch with you in the evening. She is very cuddly and affectionate. She is crate trained and sleeps there every night. She is rather timid as she has not been out of her house and yard much.

We are rehoming her for our son who can no longer keep her due to health reasons.

Recce resides in Olympia Washington.  She has had a good upbringing by caring people and should respond well to new circumstances.  

Toddlers and young children are generally not good companions for herding dogs, due to unpredictable motions and impulsiveness.  Herding dogs need a job, exercise and apartments are not favorable environments for their tendencies.  Experience with ACD’s is very valuable. 


If you are interested in Recce, please contact Bob Lee for further information.

Phone: 253-229-2623 (preferred)

Email:  (include your phone number as he is a slow keyboarder)

A completed application will be helpful.


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