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Ranger is a male neutered redheeler/Mcnab mix who is about 2 years old. He is very intelligent and learns pretty quickly.  He has lots of energy and loves to run and play.  He is good with other dogs as well as cats.


He is up-to-date on his shots and is located in Wilsonville, Oregon.  He is being rehomed due to a change in the folks’ living arrangements that have lessened the opportunities for proper exercise and handling.  He is well-loved and cared for.

(Note from his foster family, who has fostered 8 or 9 McNabs through the years:  The breed was originally developed in Northern California by Alexander McNab, breeding Border Collies from Scotland with other Basque sheep herding dogs.  They have found these dogs to uniformly have amazing temperaments – very oriented to their human pack members, biddable and adaptable.)

If you are interested in Ranger, please contact Bob Lee:  253-229-2623

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