Ranger (not Lone, just Ranger) was taken by a caring family from a rather dismal situation presented by a person that provided very little in the way of stimulus, exercise and companionship for a well-mannered Border Collie.  There may be another breed in Ranger’s provenance, but he’s a pretty special dog that is looking for the right people.  He’s around five years old and has matured into a dependable companion.

Ranger gets along with his humans very nicely – typical of a BC wanting to work with his pack.  There are three other dogs in the household, two Welsh Terriers and an Airedale.  The chemistry between Ranger and the Terriers is good, but the Airedale doesn’t appreciate the BC stare/prey drive exhibited, which means that there is tension and concern.  A single dog home sounds appropriate, probably without cats.

The ideal home would have at least a large well-fenced yard or easy access to safe space for exercise and play.  Apartments in an urban area do not qualify, even if the proposed adopters indicate hiking and walks are on the menu.  Dog parks aren’t appropriate for this breed – for several reasons.  Also young children less than, say 6-7 years old generally aren’t appreciated by Border Collies.  

Ranger is house-trained, neutered, up-to-date on his shots, micro-chipped.  He sleeps nicely in the living room on his own pad and sounds like a great dog for someone looking for the ultimate companion and friend.  


If you are interested in Ranger ( who resides in Randle, Washington), please contact Bob Lee: harleybob@att.net or by phone: 253-229-2623.  Phone is preferred.  He will refer good candidates to the caring folks who saved Ranger.