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OTTO is a handsome 10 month old male. His mother is a Border Collie and his father is an Australian Shepherd. He weighs about 50-55 pounds. He has a short, easy keeper brush coat. He has a leggy, fairly lean build and will be great at hiking and similar activities. Inside he is pretty chill, and he is pretty well mannered. He is very affectionate with his person and friendly with strangers but he shies away from strangers who want to reach out over his head to pet him when meeting for the first time (here's a tip: don't do this to any dog – they don't like it!) - he doesn't get upset, just moves away until the stranger can exhibit better manners. He does not jump up on people.

He loves to go for walks and hikes. He is good with other well behaved dogs but does not appreciate rude behavior (dogs who rush up). Cats are an unknown, he redirects easily from them (on leash) but is fairly interested in my kitten (who can be a bit of a tease). Otto is a great dog and although he has had very little training, he has no bad habits or “baggage”. He loves toys of all sorts.

Otto is pretty well mannered and quiet in the house – he will get into food if he can but hasn't been destructive or wild. He has a pretty good off leash recall but still needs fine tuning. He can be loose outside here and stays pretty close by and comes when I call, but there are zero distractions and I'm the “fun” thing. He does not look for a hole in the fence or an easy way out, but will go out a gate if it's left open. He is smart and learns fast and is connected to his human and wants to learn. He is food motivated as well as liking praise and pets as reward. He will be a great hiking partner, beach combing buddy and super companion.

Otto is a happy dog and has been solid when out and about in new environments. He likes to have time to look around and get used to new things but is not scared or panicky. Outside in the fenced yard, he doesn't bark unless someone comes but always prefers to be in the house with his person.


If you are interested in adopting Otto, please fill out the application and contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at 360- 387-5811 (no voice mail) or or send a FB message at

When emailing or FB messaging, please tell me something about your living situation, dog experience, hopes and dreams for your next dog, a phone number and times you are available for an in-depth phone chat. (Sorry, but emails and messages with good info get top priority in my very busy schedule.)

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