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Hello there:  Please allow us to introduce Molly a beautiful 4/5 year old female Border Collie.  


Molly is a petite, smooth coat Border Collie.  She is spayed, vaccinated, healthy and house trained. She came to Best Friends of Baker after her owner surrendered her because she was not a good working cattle dog. Molly lived on a large cattle ranch with her owner for the first four years of her  life and apparently was fearful of the cattle.  No information was provided for Molly,  but it was suspected that she had suffered abuse and punishment from her owner.  


Best Friends adopted Molly to a wonderful couple who loved her immediately.  Molly was slow to warm up and trust.  She took to the woman first, then the husband and their large bird dog and cats  She was always cautious and stayed back when meeting new people and or family members.  She  is not a barker and never showed any aggressive behavior to anyone until men contractors started coming to her home.  


Molly does not have a fenced yard and was concerned about certain men showing up and wandering around the house.  She watched them all the time.  Three different occasions, Molly sneaked up to three different men and snapped at them, tearing their work pants. She  did not break the skin, but this scared the men and her owners.  


She has always been a mellow and happy dog with just her family, and we are not sure what caused her to do this. Most likely protecting her family or that the men reminded her of her abusers by appearance, behavior, voice or smell?  We will never know.

Molly needs to find a new forever home, with a secure fenced yard to keep her safe.  She also would do well with one or two adults again, preferably a woman or a family with older children.  


It is very sad that Molly has been affected by a past experience, from her owner,  but she is not damaged.  She just needs to find the perfect forever home with a loving and patient family to give her love for the rest of her life.


Molly walks well on a leash and knows her basic commands.  She lives with an adult cat and kitten and would love to have them run, but so far, they have not given her that opportunity.  


Molly does like to get up early in the morning with the man in the house, have coffee and watch the sun come up on the deck and have her belly scratched.

Please call Carmen at Best Friends of Baker, Inc.  541-519-4530 or visit Best Friends of Baker, Inc. on Petfinder to learn more about Molly.  

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