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Life with a Border Collie

Is it right for you?

There’s so much to admire about border collies. Their striking beauty. Their perfect in-between size. Their trainability. Their athleticism. No wonder they’ve become one of America’s favorite breeds. But at the same time, many of them end up in shelters because people don’t realize what they’re getting into when they bring that snazzy black-and-white Ferrari into the family. 

Sure there are some that are couch potatoes. And many others who will obediently lie at your feet waiting for you to do something interesting.


But there are also BCs who fly around the room like bats, dig to China, bark incessantly at the neighbors, nip at kids’ ankles, herd cats, chase bikes and cars, and learn to open doors and let themselves in if you lock them out. 

BCs don’t like to be bored. They don’t like to be ignored. They’re the chess players of the canine world, and to truly live their best lives they need an active lifestyle that challenges them both mentally and physically.


Below are some words of advice from people familiar with the breed. 


What to Expect of

this Dog Breed

Article on K9 Web. Has a good FAQ section.


Do I Really Want a Border Collie?

Article by the Border Collie Rescue of Northern California.  Has a good description of why so many BCs end up in rescue.


Border Collie--A Problem Dog?

English translation of an article on Planet Hund. Goes into some detail on the temperament of these dogs.

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