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Keeva is a little over 3 months old and she is absolutely the sweetest little bundle of joy, ready to wiggle her way into your heart. She and her sibling were found as strays in south central Idaho, and now this little border collie girl is ready for a home that will cherish her and give her the active and happy life she deserves.

This is a well balanced puppy, pretty confident and eager to explore her surroundings. She’s very playful and enjoys toys and balls, running around like a little windup toy whenever you set her down outside, her tail wagging like a propeller. If she can’t find a toy or ball, a twig will do, or a pile of leaves or your pants leg. At the same time, she’s quite the cuddler, and when you pick her up she’ll snuggle into your neck and hang out quite contentedly. When she’s confined in the house, she plays quietly with her toys, softly growling to herself and making up games that only she knows the rules to.

Keeva is good with cats and dogs, always looking for a new playmate. She doesn’t seem to be sound sensitive and is quite resilient, optimistically expecting good things out of life. Keeva has boundless energy for outdoor activities and would probably excel at any dog sports. She would love to form a strong bond with someone who will keep her mind engaged as well as giving her appropriate outlets for her border collie energy.





Raising a border collie puppy is a big commitment, so please honestly evaluate whether you are up for all that entails, from housetraining and teething to keeping up with her young, active mind. Must be willing to come to southwest Idaho to meet/adopt Keeva.

Keeva's adoption fee is $250 and includes vaccinations appropriate for her age and a microchip. Also, a full refundable $200 spay deposit will be required.

If interested in possibly meeting Keeva, please complete an application. 

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