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Jon is a 1 year older border collie. He was in a home that loved him but didn’t quite understand his need for structure & boundaries so he found himself in trouble a lot.


This is a sweet boy that needs a home that is willing to give him the structure he needs, set boundaries & enforce them. He will need continued obedience training but he’s a quick learner.


Jon likes to herd sheep, loves to herd cattle & really loves people. He’s best as an only dog or with just one other. He is learning how to live in a pack, something most pups learn from their litter mates but he was sold too young so missed out on those lessons.


Jon is not a hyper dog but will need daily training & exercise. He’s approximately 35# but needs to gain a couple pounds.

Jon is currently located in Soap Lake, Washington. If interested, please fill out an application first, then email Nikki at

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