JINN is a male Border Collie puppy, born 5-4-20. He has a short coat (brush coat) and is an unusual color of gray and white (This may possibly change to black with his adult coat). He is likely going to be on the small side, estimate is 35- 40 pounds. He has a kink in his tail from it being bent in utero which does not affect its function. There will be a clause in his adoption contract prohibiting docking of his tail unless a vet report deems it advisable.


All three puppies are very friendly and outgoing. They are appropriately cautious in new surroundings, but acclimate quickly. They have been raised with puppy culture and have been exposed to and play with different surfaces and toys. They have had toys of different sizes and textures and have been on grass, dirt, carpet, cushions, etc. and have played on small stairs, a tunnel and a balance board. They are crate trained and are started on house training. They have been handled extensively and are good with having their nails trimmed.


Both parents are very affectionate with their person and very sweet. They unfortunately lacked socialization growing up so are a little shy in new surroundings and I very much want to avoid that with their puppies so I am insisting on their adopters continuing with socialization (despite the fact that it might by a little bit more difficult or require more imagination that in normal times) with new people, new (well mannered) dogs and new places. I am requiring regular updates and photos for the first year to ensure that this happens.


Jinn's adoption fee is $400 with a neuter contract. If you're interested in adopting Reggie, please complete the application form at the link below.


You can also reach Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at 360-387-5811 or ravensgatebordercollies@gmail.com.