Jake is a three-year-old smooth coat Border Collie who is looking for a quiet home with patient people willing to work with him to gradually change his view of the world.  He lived in an apartment, with little chance to get exercise.  He became very anxious insofar as noises and anything out of the ordinary, and alerted to minor changes in environment.  


He is smart, sleeps well overnight, house-trained.  He is a gentle dog that doesn’t tear stuff up.  He responds lovingly to tender conversational tones.  He is very sweet around people and bonds quickly to his protectors  (his pack).  He enjoys chasing a ball, playing tug and can occupy himself with various toys.


He is very reactive when he sees another dog and will lunge and display immediately.  This behavior is not necessarily something that can be “fixed” in a time period that many folks consider reasonable.  For this reason, his ideal place would be in a home in a more rural area, remote from traffic and neighboring animals.  A quiet home means a fenced yard with room to run and play.  His behavior with children has not been tested – (toddlers are generally a no-no for most Border Collies).


During Jake’s time in foster care he has made very good progress in overcoming anxiety, not reacting to every falling leaf or moving branch or wind gust.  He remains quietly in his spot until it’s time to come out and interact – each time he carefully looks for the other dogs in the family, who are kept completely out of sight.  (He tolerates two small dogs- Chiweenies and a foster ACD.)  He wants the reassurance of his person when it’s time to go outside.  


So what does Jake need from his adopter?  A place where he can just stay home, other than trips to the vet.  Patience, knowledge of proper handling, vigilance for situations that would act negatively in Jake’s adaptation, understanding that small positive steps are amazingly productive and – did I mention - patience, patience.  What satisfaction will the adopter garner?  An upwelling sense of joy as Jake becomes more bonded and adapts his responses to the care and perception exhibited by his people.  Jake has a very good recall and would qualify as a Velcro dog.


He needs a unique adopter who understands that Jake cannot be in a situation where he is in sight of another dog and DEFINITELY should not be “introduced” to one.  While this can be mitigated over a longer time with proper handling, most (except one - Packworks) dog trainers misunderstand handling needs for this type of issue.  Don’t waste your time and money on others.


Jake has a lot of potential.  He’s a sweetie at heart, just scared.


Jake is neutered, up-to-date on his shots and weighs around 33 pounds.  He presently resides at the Buried Rock Farm near Port Orchard, WA.

If you are interested in Jake and would like further discussion/information, please contact Bob Lee:  


phone: 253-229-2623  


email: harleybob@att.net




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