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Hallie is a 1 yr. old female black/white rough coat Border Collie. She weighs about 37 pounds.

She is super energetic and a fantastic Agility prospect. Very fast, very focused and very happy. She has good body awareness and lands well balanced on her feet when jumping and running. She would really excel with an experienced agility handler but may be a lot to handle for a beginner. She is eager to learn new words and behaviors and is a dream to train. She thrives on clear person-to-dog communication and well timed rewards (treat/verbal praise) and is eager to focus on what you are trying to teach her. She is also very affectionate with people.

She is outgoing and friendly and will be a great go-everywhere, do-everything dog. Hallie has a great happy outlook and is good with cats, other well behaved dogs and people. She can be a bit too “herdy” with other zippy dogs, as that can trigger the behavior - and it's annoying to the other dog. She loves to play with other dogs and with people (please curb the fetching and think of better, more creative, more fun, and more “brainy” games to play with the smartest dog on the planet).


She loves to play with other dogs, but can be pushy – not in an aggressive way but in a play-with-me, play-with-me, play-with-me kind of way. She will annoy some dogs if not told (by the dog or the adult in the room) to knock it off.

Hallie can be barky at certain things (activity going on that she is not involved in, for example), so apartment living or urban environment (where there are people walking by the house) is not the place for her. She is a “busy” type of dog so she needs someone for whom a dog is a major part of their life, even after covid. She also needs an experienced dog owner who has the means and creativity to give her an interesting and adventuresome life. Off leash exercise is a must so she needs someone who is outdoorsy, doesn't mind being out in the weather, and not a couch potato. She wants someone who wants to teach her a million tricks and behaviors and share a big world with her.

When inquiring about Hallie, please tell me a bit about what you can do for Hallie, and who your favorite dog trainer (and their philosophy) is.

Hallie is current on vaccines, crate trained.

If you are interested in adopting Hallie, please fill out the application on this site and then contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at:

 360-387-5811 (no voice mail so just keep trying) 

FB message at

I work several jobs, so it can take a few days to return phone calls.  Reference the word galaxy in any communication to show me that you have read the complete bio.

Hallie is located in Stanwood, WA


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