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Gracie showed up at a ranch in the Crane, Oregon area 4 years ago. A rancher didn’t want her and provided no care. She lived off ground squirrels and whatever she could hunt on her own for at least 6 weeks.  


A kind couple brought her home and got medical care for her and she’s been with them ever since.  They are not able to care for Gracie any longer and are looking for just the right family and forever home for the rest of her life.  


Gracie is a spayed female, approximately 6 years old and is your typical fun-loving and on-the-go Border Collie. She prefers to be active, but is a calm indoor dog. Gracie is a very sweet and loving dog, she just does not always get along with all dogs she encounters.  


Gracie has been around lots of children who have been taught how to treat and care for dogs. Gracie’s forever home will need to be loving, have room for her to run, to put her in an environment where she can feel like she is keeping an eye on things. Gracie loves riding on farm equipment including tractors, side by sides, quads and going on car rides.

Gracie weighs 40-45 lbs and has no food or toy aggression. She’s a great family dog, leash trained, knows basic commands and responds to verbal behavior correction. She enjoys a bath and blow dry but the vet has to muzzle her when it’s time to do her nails, she’s not a fan. She kennels on command and is not destructive in the house. Gracie is up to date on all vaccinations, records will be provided.


Gracie has lived with her current family for 4 years on acreage in Colton, Oregon (Clackamas County).  Gracie loves to be close to her people and an active lifestyle on a ranch.  She does require a secure fenced yard so that she will not be tempted to wander away from home and get lost.  


If you are looking for a wonderful, lovable and friendly companion, then hurry up and get your application turned in. 

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