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Hey There:  My name is George and I am a handsome, lovable and friendly Border Collie mix.  Some say mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog and others say mixed with a Rottweiler.  Who knows?  


I was born in 2009 which makes me ten to eleven years old.  But what is age, as long as I am healthy, happy and active.  I love to lie around the house, nap on the porch and if my 12 year old neighbor boy comes over, we play fetch with toys and my special large ball toy.  I have never been around babies, toddlers or young children.  


My owner recently passed away and left me to live with an older couple and their six small to medium size dogs and we all get along very well. Right now I have a secure fenced yard and lots of room to play outside, but it is very crowded in the house, so I am looking for a wonderful forever home with older adults who can appreciate my age.  


I walk well on a leash, know some basic commands and am very well behaved.  My owner disciplined me with a big stick and I did not like it.  My new family uses a strong vocal "no" or other commands and I pay attention.  However, I rarely have a discipline issue. I am also house trained and I do not bark.


I was raised on a ranch with my owner and am use to being free to run, but now I really like the security of my fenced yard and looking for a secure fenced yard in a new forever home.  I have lived with cats and actually encountered a young mother cat and her kittens inside an outdoor dog house.  I actually moved in with the family and kept them warm until they found new homes.



I also know how to use a doggie door.  I am about 65/70 pounds and have learned how to worm my way through the small dogs doggie door to go inside.  

I am looking for a home with a family that has a large warm indoor bed for me to sleep and comfort my old bones at the end of the day. 

I am comfortable sharing my space with another dog or two to keep me company and be my playmates.  I use to ride loose in the back of a farm pickup, but not now.  I have become very comfortable riding in the back of a SUV and back seat of a pickup.  

I will be seeing a groomer for a bath and grooming.  From there I will visit the veterinarian for vaccinations, wormed, neutered and have my teeth checked.  I will be clean, shiny, smell good and be healthy and ready to go to a new home for Christmas.  


Please call Best Friends of Baker, Inc. at 541-519-7387 or Carmen at 541-519-4530 for more information.  I am waiting!!!

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