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Eve is an approximately 18 month old female border collie. She’s small, only about 35 lb., but she packs a lot of power and personality into that small package! 

This little girl knows how to sit, is crate trained, has been excellent with housetraining, and has a good off-leash recall. She rides well in the car either in a crate or loose, and loves to “herd” cars whizzing past in the opposite direction. She has been left alone, confined to a bathroom by a dog gate, and seems to manage separation just fine.

Eve is outgoing, resilient, and quite happy meeting strangers. She can be a bit snarky when meeting strange dogs for the first time, but that quickly passes and she’s been getting along with dogs of both sexes in her foster homes. She’s also good with dog-savvy cats and quite enjoys them, although her boisterous play style may be a bit much for most felines and she’d probably chase if a cat ran. 

Eve is very “high drive.” This means she’s reactive to movement and commotion and can go a bit nuts if there’s too much going on around her. And because she’s a border collie with a very active brain, she can also go a bit nuts if there’s not enough going on around her! For these reasons she needs to be exercised daily both physically and mentally if you want to keep her from entertaining herself through other means--like gnawing on door frames or digging holes in the yard. It’s not uncommon to find her creating her own herding opportunities by chasing birds along the fence as they hop from perch to perch, or stalking the other dogs to get them to move. We recently started Evie on sheep with a professional trainer and she has been doing quite well and shows potential for a hobbyist or amateur.

Despite her very active nature, Eve has learned to quietly (well, mostly quietly) hang out in her gated-off bathroom while her foster mom works. She enjoys chewing on stuffed bones, nylabones and antlers, and has a blast with stuffed toys and tennis balls although she only gets those under supervision to keep her from dissecting them.

She’s not terribly food oriented but she is biddable and will work for attention. We’ve also discovered her kryptonite—she can’t resist belly rubs and neck rubs, and goes into an absolute trance, even in the midst of one of her manic episodes. It’s quite funny! Evie also takes corrections well without over-reacting.

We’re obviously looking for an active home for Evie, so tell us about your plans. She can pull like a son-of-a-gun, so we’re sure she would do well at sports like skijoring or sledding, either snow or urban. She’d probably also love to learn any sport that allows her to exhibit her considerable athleticism, from agility to flyball. (She’s still working on learning how to fetch.) Because Evie is so powerful and boisterous she could accidentally knock over an unwary child or senior. She can also be a bit mouthy when she plays with humans, and is a bit of a resource guarder, so she would probably do best in a home with adults or older children. Eve also wants to be an alpha, and although she hasn’t challenged her foster brother she does boss around her submissive foster sister, so would probably do best with a male dog as a companion. 

Whether she’s running across the yard doing a ribbon dance with a stuffed snake or playing with the cat through the bars of a doggy gate, Evie is a never-ending source of amusement.

Eve is available for adoption through IDAWG (Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group) located in Nampa, Idaho, just west of Boise. 

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