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Video of Cruz:


CRUZ is a handsome tricolor, almost 11 month old male. His mother is a Border Collie and his father is an Australian Shepherd. He weighs about 50-55 pounds. He has a short, easy keeper brush coat. He has a leggy, fairly lean build and will be awesome at hiking and similar activities. Inside , he can be a bit of a bouncy bull-in-a-china-shop but tries really hard to watch where he's going. He is very affectionate with his person and friendly with strangers but he can be exuberant when meeting or playing, all in a very happy puppy sort of way. He could use a puppy class and good positive training – he's a smart guy who catches on quickly.

He loves to go for walks and hikes (Needs work with pulling – a no-pull harness would help). He is good with other dogs and wants to play with my cat but has no clue how big or rough he is. Cruz is a great dog with no bad habits or “baggage”- just needs basic positive training, a person wanting to spend the time with him, room to exercise, and a lifetime partner for whom he is a priority.

Cruz is happy, silly, energetic, and playful. He likes people and is outgoing. He loves to be outside if there is a person with him but not by himself. He will find a way out of a fence if left alone for any amount of time -he is a people dog, and wants to be with his person, in when they are in and out with they are out. I don't see him as a good apartment/townhome kind of dog as he loves to run around and needs some room. Great for a small farm, gardener, hiker, mountain biker, outdoor type of home.

If you are interested in adopting Cruz, please fill out the application and contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at 360- 387-5811 (no voice mail) or or send a FB message at

When emailing or FB messaging, please tell me something about your living situation, dog experience, hopes and dreams for your next dog, a phone number and times you are available for an in-depth phone chat. (Sorry, but emails and messages with good info get top priority in my very busy schedule.)

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