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Cleo is a one year old smooth coat Border Collie that has been well taken care of.  She is very smart and athletic.  She is very sociable with people and with some dogs, but has difficulty when meeting other dogs.  She would do best in a single dog home.  Her behavior with cats is unknown.

Cleo was adopted from a shelter three months ago by a retired couple who have worked with her on training, but their living space (outside) isn’t adequate for a young Border Collie with typical BC energy and needs.  They have found Cleo to be a very sweet dog with great potential and realize that she needs more than they can provide.

The ideal home would have at least a large well-fenced yard or easy access to safe space for exercise and play.  Apartments in an urban area do not qualify, even if the proposed adopters indicate hiking and walks are on the menu.  Dog parks aren’t appropriate for this breed – for several reasons.  Also young children less than, say 6-7 years old generally aren’t appreciated by Border Collies.  Cleo would be a good candidate for folks that enjoy the fun and enjoyment of agility.

Cleo’s folks have had her spayed, taken care of shots, etc., because the shelter didn’t provide any of those services.  As such, a rehoming fee of ~ $200 to $250 is appropriate.

Cleo is a special dog in that she will adjust to a new situation, bond with her people and become “ the best dog in the world” with proper handling, patience and know-how.  

If you are interested in Cleo ( who resides in Shelton, Washington), please contact Bob Lee: or by phone: 253-229-2623.  Phone is preferred.  He will refer good candidates to the caring folks who saved Cleo.

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