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Bunji is a young (1-2 years) herding dog mix, we’re guessing may be part Australian Cattle Dog border collie mix. She’s a little taller and narrower than a cattle dog but she likes to walk right behind you like a heeler (but never nips). She was a stray and came from an overcrowded shelter in northern Utah, so we don’t know much about her past, but we do know she’s a real gem!

“Bunji” suits her for two reasons. First, it’s an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “friend” or “mate,” and she will definitely make someone a wonderful buddy. Second, it’s a homonym for bungee, as in bungee cord, and she is one springy and elastic little girl with the perfect combination of unlimited energy plus the ability to settle and relax in the house.

We’re still getting to know this girl, but from what we’ve seen so far she’s great with other dogs and adults (we haven’t had her around children). And she doesn’t seem to care too much about her foster home’s two cats, although we’re taking introductions slowly.


She hasn’t shown any food or toy guarding, hasn’t done any inappropriate chewing, and to top it all off, she seems to be house trained and very comfortable and well behaved in the house. (She will do a quick drive-by to look on counters but she hasn’t done any counter surfing or actually put her feet up on one.) She also seems used to household noises like appliances, TV, and even the vacuum. And she loves to quietly hang out near you in the evening like the great companion she is.

Bunji is very quiet, in fact we haven’t heard her bark yet, and she very rarely whines. She’s crate trained. And she rides really well in the car, preferring to ride shotgun but willing to go in a crate if that’s what you want.






True to her people-loving nature, she doesn’t really like to be locked outside alone and would prefer to be where her people are.

It’s actually pretty difficult to find any faults with this lady. She will jump up on people or gates, and needs more practice walking on leash, but she’s really good about presenting her head for the slip lead and being guided by the collar. Her favorite toys are tennis balls.

Bunji is incredibly athletic and could excel at just about any dog sport, and she would make a fantastic hiking partner. She’s very willing and eager to learn, takes corrections well, and is very food motivated.

Bunji is a healthy girl (we had her bloodwork done to make sure), but she’s a bit underweight right now, only 36 lb. on a frame that should probably be at about 40. As a result, she tends to gobble her food, so we use a “slow feeder” bowl or food puzzles to slow her down and offer her frequent snacks throughout the day – perfect opportunities for training with food!

Bunji's adoption fee is $250 and includes spay, vaccinations and microchip. If you are interested in possibly adoption Bunji, please complete an application.

Bunji is located in Caldwell, Idaho.

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