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My name is Bella Rose and I will be eight months old on November 23. I am an energetic Border Collie mix puppy and would love to find an active family willing to give me the physical and mental stimulation I need to be healthy and happy. I would make a fantastic agility dog or some other similar dog sport where I can show off my intelligence and energy. 


I was living with two older adult women in a very small trailer house with no room to run and play.  I was loved by my owners and I enjoyed all the love and lap time, but they knew I needed a fence yard and an active lifestyle.  


I am now living in a foster home with one woman and her older male German Shepherd/Aussie mix. I get along very well with my foster brother dog and it's so fun to have a "huge" fenced yard and a playmate to run and chase with.


I am a small framed dog, so my weight should probably be 35/40 pounds.  I do very well living in a large house. I am still learning to let my "mom" know that I need to go outside to take care of business.  I was trained on potty pads so it is taking some time to adjust and go to the door.


I do sleep in my wire crate at night and when my foster mom leaves me at home for short periods of time. I have already learned some important basic commands and to walk properly on a leash. I am still timid around men so we are working on slow introductions and confidence.  I do like being around young children but get nervous when they get too loud.  

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I will be introduced to a male dog trainer, one toddler, two teenagers and several farm animals -- a great chance for me to "see the world" beyond one dog and one female caregiver!  


Roller Blades, skateboards and bicycles make me nervous. However, those noisy things are not on the streets where I am living now.  


I am looking for an active family to take me for walks, maybe runs later and possibly teach me to enjoy car rides in the back seat of their car. I will not ride in the back of a truck or pickup.


I get along with other dogs and cats. I am spayed and current on all my vaccinations and a healthy and happy girl.  I am looking for a forever home with or without children. I do require a secure fenced yard to keep me safe and from wandering away.  If I sound like a perfect family member for you, please fill out an application.


If you would like to be considered for adoption, please submit an application. For more information about Bella Rose, contact Carmen at 541-519-4530 or Best Friends of Baker City at 541-519-7387. Please understand we are an all-volunteer organization and we make every effort to return inquiries as soon as possible. Thank you. 

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