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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 02-28-2016
DogId: Luke (WA#4268)
Gender: M
Age: 2 yr - 5 yrs
Location: Port Orchard
Special Needs:

Luke is a Border Collie-something mix, weighing in around 60 pounds, around 4-5 years old.  He is very intelligent and quickly figures out the routines of his household. He has a very thin coat and prefers to be inside when the weather is inclement, as would any intelligent being. 

He loves to play ball and can make up his own special games.  He likes car rides and is excellent in the house.  He does not like the confinement of a crate.  If I leave the house and he's in a crate, he will make every effort to escape.  Same goes if he's in the garage and knows that I have left.  Conversely, if I leave him loose in the house and go off for several hours, he will settle down and wait for my return. (of course, there is an inital ten seconds of frantic barking as I leave- "How can you be leaving me behind?") which quickly ceases.

Luke had trouble in a previous adoption due mainly to issues relative to feeding and food.  When it comes near feeding time or when people food is being prepared, he is expecially vigilant and interested in any little tidbit.  This causes him to become stressed and he doesn't respect other dogs in those circumstances. He is also an excellent counter surfer - don't leave a succulent morsel where it might be purloined. In these circumstances,  a firm, low "No" or "Eh" goes a long way. 

Luke will be best as a single dog for folks looking for good companionship and not interested in dog parks, not walking downtown and meeeting the neighborhood, etc. The notto "This is MY dog and not the rest of the world's" applies in spades.  Luke seems to identify strongly with a woman. With me he does well, but I also know when not to push something. 

He can look calmly and intelligently at you for a period of time (you think he's reading your thoughts) and is very responsive to your body language. 

When he's in another room and hears me getting ice from the ice-maker, he will be right there, waiting to catch a cube. He really ices it.

He will alert bark when someone walks by on the road and signs tenor in the dog choir.

He loves to jump up on the bed at night and can curl up into the tightest ball in a tiny round dog bed near the fire during the day.

Luke is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots.

For more information, please fill out the online application and contact Bob:  253-229-2623 or

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