Border Collie Rescue

Edmonds, WA

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Rescue Group: SPDR
Date: 03-23-2013
DogId: Sasha (WA#3879)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Edmonds, WA
Special Needs: none

Sasha is a young-adult female Border Collie (Terrier mix?) who is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  She is housebroken (not one accident in her foster home!), crate-trained , knows how to use a doggy-door, and she is rapidly learning to remember her obedience commands and polite behaviors. 

After some initial shyness, she is very sweet with people she meets, affectionate, friendly and loves attention, rolling onto her back for loving belly rubs.   She enjoys going for rides in the car and really wants to be going places, doing things and interacting with her people as much as possible.   She doesn't bark very often, but will alert appropriately if someone approaches the house.

Sasha is an intelligent, active dog who requires a fair amount of daily exercise and would benefit greatly from daily long walks, running, jogging or hiking with her owner or spending time at Doggy Daycare (where she has done well).  Sasha likes toys but has never learned how to fetch them.  She will crash in her crate for a nap after some exercise.  She might do well placed in a home with a compatible canine companion to play with, but may be a bit too pushy for some dogs.   Sasha enjoys playing in the water and isn’t afraid to jump right in. She is very fit and athletic and might be a good candidate for an activity like tracking or nosework – perhaps even agility after she gets more of her basic obedience training perfected. 

We don't know how she is around cats or tiny toddlers, but she does great around older kids.   She seems to have perhaps a little too much interest in birds, so might not fit in with someone who has chickens.  She will need a safely fenced yard and patient, consistent ongoing training to bring out her full potential.

Sasha is SPDR-affiliated and available for a $150 donation.   After completing the easy online Adoption Application, feel free to contact Sasha's caregiver at:   or   (206) 356-7915


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