Border Collie Rescue

Hannah Banana
Hayden Lake, Idaho

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 11-11-2008
DogId: Hannah Banana (ID#2696)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Hayden Lake, Idaho
Special Needs: none

Hannah Banana # 752. What this soft, sweet girl was doing at the shelter we have no clue. She is tiny weighing in at 28 #'s and needs to gain some weight. We are estimating her age at about 2 years, tho she could be younger. Hannah is shy with strangers but does warm very quickly and loves to be petted once she relaxes. Tho she appears to be a Border Collie her head has us wondering if there wasn't a little Sheltie perhaps mixed in. Hannah is great with the other dogs here and likes to use the doggie door to go out and play and do her business. In the house she is very quiet, has lovely house manners and isn't yet completely sure it's ok to be here. She sleeps nicely in her crate at night, never making a peep. Hannah doesn't seem to have much in the way of training yet, but that should come quickly. She's the kind of girl you just want to cuddle close. She has a foot with a slight deformity that doesn't in any way affect her soundness. What a Lovely girl she is.

You would need to travel to Northern Idaho to meet Hannah. We are sending applications out for her, will then gather several before we begin the selection process. Please Email (phoning can delay the process) for an application if you have interest in adopting Hannah. Inland Northwest Rescue

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