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Sadie & Spur
Selah WA

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 10-26-2008
DogId: Sadie & Spur (WA#2684)
Gender: V
Age: 5 yr - 10 yrs
Location: Selah WA
Special Needs: none
Hey There!

Meet Sadie and Spur… aka Spur Boy and Sadie the Regal Princess.  :-)

Sadie (in the red collar) and Spur ARE really a nice pair of siblings that lost their home.

Both are 9 years old, well mannered, easy going and easy to like.

Both are spayed/neutered, housetrained, ride well in the car and walk well on leash.

They both know sit, stay, here, and a few other things we’re finding out :-)

They stay off furniture but do want to sleep on the bed.

Spur and Sadie’s people have had them since they were pups.  Unfortunately they had to move due to work and were not able to take them with them.  We promised Sadie and Spur we’d find them homes together for their remaining years as they have been together all this time and really like each other.  It was a heartbreaker for them to leave their family, but they are doing fine now, and will be grateful for a home that loves them and dotes on them.

Spur is more outgoing and clownish of the two.  He has goofy looks and “talks” to you when he’s excited.  Sadie is more “dignified” and laid back.  Both have been raised with children, however, we suggest older children that know boundaries and are dog savvy.

We don’t know how they are around cats.  They do not seem to care much about our horses.

We wish Sadie and Spur to be adopted together.  They are 9 years old but in very good health.  Each has a few small lumps or tumors that come with age but we have not had them checked.  Both could use a dental cleaning.  For these reasons, we are reducing their adoption fee in hopes that they find a loving, caring home that will give them what they need for the rest of their lives.

If you’d like more information on Spur and Sadie or would like to meet them, please fill out an application then email their foster dad Mike at: .

Thank you for thinking rescue and especially for considering older dogs :-)  They seem to know, appear to be grateful, and reward and enrich our lives.

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