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Southworth, WA

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 04-10-2018
DogId: Coach (WA#4422)
Gender: M
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Southworth, WA
Special Needs: none

Coach is a loving dog who is full of energy but shy at first meeting. He seems to have some familiarity with cats and other dogs. He frequently ‘bows’ to initiate play. He is a vigorous chewing machine…but has not tried anything but his assigned toys. He retrieves very well and insists on interaction with his ball or Kong. He loves to follow his humans everywhere. He particularly loves car rides. He is well house-broken. He has been practicing crate training and has it down. Command used for this is ‘kennel’. He sleeps in his crate at night. He sits and knows how to lay down on command. Commands at this point are gentle since he is easily intimidated.  He did not have any training at his previous home, which means he will quickly adapt to consistent training. 

He was probably used to sleeping on the furniture, but now does not try to do it. He also jumped on people but has stopped doing that as well.
He was microchipped on March 20, 2018. He weighed 41 lbs. He gained 1 lb. the first week with us. He was very itchy possibly from flea medication drops on his collar area, mid torso, and tail-head. He was bathed with an oatmeal aloe soap to help alleviate the itch. This had some benefit. Benadryl tablets were somewhat successful at bedtime to calm his itch. He was not difficult to bathe.

He was neutered and vaccinated on March 28, 2018. He had no problems with recovery except for the ‘cone of shame’ that was later chewed to bits for revenge. He paid little attention to the surgery area.

He seems to eat well and has had no digestion problems. His evening meal is a mixture of about 1 cup of kibble and 1 cup +cooked food. This cooked food consists of brown or white rice, chicken and broth made in a pressure cooker. He has not had any rawhide or dental bones because of the safety issue inherent with those snacks. Snacks may be Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish and these have made excellent training treats. Full disclosure…snacks may also be anything else his humans are eating. He is very careful and gentle taking food from hand.

He does not seem to have an ‘eye’ for sheep. He goes to the barnyard on a leash every day and is easily distracted by most anything. He has been mostly gentle around chickens. He barks
occasionally at the donkeys.

He cannot be off leash due to the low fences at my place.. He does not respect the yard fences and will jump over or sneak through any opening. This has lead to several escapes. He will not ‘come’ once he is loose off leash. (He does ‘come’ when he is indoors). Very tight fencing will be required for him and also a fence of more than 48”. He is not used to being on his own outdoors unless leashed or tethered.

He would, at my recommendation, be a great dog for a family or individual that has plenty of time to devote to him and an understanding of the breed characteristics. He would be a great agility dog or Frisbee dog. He is a fast learner as one might expect from a Border Collie.

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