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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 09-04-2017
DogId: COOPER (WA#4386)
Gender: M
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Grays Harbor County, WA.
Special Needs: none

 Updated:  24Mar2018

COOPER is a Maremma Sheepdog.  He turned 2 years of age last November.  He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and house trained.

COOPER was purchased by a family when he was a puppy.  He lived with them until May 2017 when he was given to a family in Humptulips, WA.  It wasn't long before he escaped and his first round of being at-large in the forest started.  He was captured in June and brought back to Humptulips where he escaped again.  COOPER traveled south through the forest and eventually ended up in Ocean Shores.  After several weeks of trailing him, I was able to safely trap him on July 12.  The Humptulips family surrendered him to me. 

COOPER was underweight and dirty but otherwise healthy.  I had him neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had his rear dew claws removed.  He is not keen on having his ears cleaned, but they need occasional cleaning to keep them yeast free.  He has a very thick coat which requires grooming.  

As I do with all my new fosters, COOPER was initially not left unsupervised.  He dragged a long line inside my fenced property.  He made feeble attempts to dig out the first 2 days but began to settle in soon after and has not tried to escape since then.  He was happy to have regular meals and companions.  As with all fosters, except for vet visits, I don't take them off my property for at least 2 weeks.  The dog needs to know this is his home.  COOPER wears a Tagg GPS collar tracking device, just in case.

COOPER has made it clear that he would prefer to sleep indoors, in my bedroom with the rest of my pack, than anywhere else.  I don't think he would like to live in a barn or outdoors with sheep.  He is very much a social boy that likes to be with his pack.  He gets along very well with my dogs.  He has an awesome temperament.  Given his past history of taking advantage of not being kept safe while being acclimated to his new home, he is considered a special needs dog and a flight risk.  A securely fenced yard is required.  When he escaped his home the second time, he was dragging a 6 foot leash, which he chewed in no time, likely because it caught on something.  COOPER likes to chew.  He chewed my furniture when he first came here, I think because he was still a puppy.  He rarely chews furniture anymore.  He loves to chew on horse hooves, which I buy in bulk from Amazon.   

As time passed, my trust in COOPER increased and the long line while at home was removed.  We began to take walks on forest land.  He still wears the long line, but as you can see in his pictures, I've let Jump the Border Collie walk him.  Although I don't think COOPER will run away, he is a very big boy who walks very fast ~ much faster than I do ~ so I am very cautious when taking him for walks.  I highly recommend his adoptive family always use the long line and a GPS tracking device on his collar.

COOPER is a big boy, weighing in over 90 pounds.  He is very strong and can easily accidentally knock over a child or smaller adult or pull the line out of their hands.  He will need an equally strong person with a good grip.  NO FLEXI-LEADS!  He has a great deal of patience.  I have a Border Collie that trys his patience every day.  One minute they are best of friends and rollicking and having a great time.  The next minute, the BC will be snarling at COOPERCOOPER typically handles the snarkiness very well, but he will, on occasion, snarl back.  He has lost his patience one time and they got into a scuffle.  No wounds or blood was shed.

It takes some coaxing to get COOPER in the large crate in my van, but once he is in it, he rides well.  

I don't crate COOPER when I leave him home but I do contain the area in my living room.  He will lie down and take a nap.

COOPER is a big boy with a big booming voice.  He likes to bark.  He barks at people walking past my property.  He barks at the deer.  

If you are interested in meeting COOPER and think you have what it takes to give this gentle giant a great home, where he can bark on occasion and not get complaints from the neighbors, please first fill out the adoption application on the Home page and then send me an email at

A home check is required.


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