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Grays Harbor County, WA

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Rescue Group: SPDR
Date: 02-20-2011
DogId: ABBY (WA#3479)
Gender: F
Age: 2 yr - 5 yrs
Location: Grays Harbor County, WA
Special Needs: none


ABBY is four years of age, spayed and vaccinated.  She is a purebred Border Collie.  She is very sleek and trim at around 35 pounds.  Her coat is soft, silky smooth and medium length. 

ABBY's original family released her to rescue in early 2009 when they had a change in circumstances.  She was adopted a short time later.  Unfortunately, ABBY has once again found herself back in rescue.

ABBY has been in her new foster home on the Washington coast since 24February and is acclimating well.  Initially shy, she has warmed up and is now part of a very stable pack.  She is living with three strong willed female dogs, one fragile senior female dog and three agreeable male dogs.   She is not allowed to contest her position of being at the bottom of the totem pole.

ABBY loves toys.  Balls, chewies, Frisbees, ropes.  You provide it and she will play with it.  She is learning to accept that her foster mom will not play with her inside the house.  If allowed, she will expect it non-stop.  ABBY needs to have a strong pack leader who will give her direction, positive reinforcement and who will set the rules and stick by them.  ABBY, like many high energy, active Border Collies, will willingly make the rules if allowed.  Her family may not be happy with the results.

ABBY has been on outings since in her new foster home and has done extremely well.  She has progressed from dragging a long line to off leash.  So far, she has proven exceptionally reliable with excellent recall.  [In her pictures you will see a bright orange collar with an antenna.  The collar holds a Astro 220 DC40 GPS dog tracking device.  The number of dogs who become separated from their family with tragic results is an all too common occurance.  Wearing a tracking device while on outings gives the handler a much better chance of locating the dog quickly.]

ABBY needs an active home who will include her in daily, high energy activity.  She is quick and agile.   Sheep herding is probably not her forte as she barked and growled upon meeting some.  She, like many Border Collies, is very smart. 

ABBY rides well in the van, is house trained, has wonderful manners, sleeps quietly at night.  She is said to do well with cats.

Classes like obedience and agility would be an excellent form of bonding with ABBY and finding out just how great she is.  ABBY will not be adopted into a home where she is left home [inside or out] all day, every day.  Nor will she be adopted into an outdoor home.  She yearns to be part of a family who will love her, care for her, bring her into their smoke-free home and make a lifelong commitment to her.  She has already been given up twice.  Please don't bother applying for ABBY if you have given up a pet before, don't have a stable life, family, home and income.  ABBY, like all dogs, needs a yearly vet check and vaccinations.  She needs good quality food [such as Canidae Life Stages], monthly flea treatments and deworming.  She needs to be bathed, groomed, brushed and have her nails kept short.  She has rear dew claws that serve no purpose and would be better off removed [a veterinary surgical procedure]. 

Animal ownership can be spendy with yearly vet visits, emergency vet visits, good quality dog food [no table scraps, please], collars, leashes, flea control, deworming, brushes, shampoo, nail trimmers, teeth cleaners, ear cleaners, crates, beds, training classes, just to name a few.

The process of adopting a dog through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue can take some time and may seem invasive to some.  A completed on-line application is the beginning.  From there, please contact ABBY's foster mom, Vivian, at  Emails can be exchanged to determine if ABBY may be right for you and you for her.  Do not feel bad if you are told you and ABBY aren't a good match.  Don't be shy about voicing your reservations about her.  If it's not a match, there is probably a more suitable dog available elsewhere.   Additional steps include a home visit and a meet-and-greet with the applicant, dog and foster mom.  Depending on the distance from the applicants home and the foster home determines who will do the home visit.  The applicant must be willing to have a rescue volunteer enter their home and yard and ask questions.  The written home visit will be forwarded to the foster home.   All people involved with SPDR are unpaid volunteers. 

ABBY is SPDR affiliated with an adoption donation of $150.00


Thank you for thinking rescue first!

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