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Hayden Lake, Idaho

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Rescue Group: OTHER
Date: 03-27-2009
DogId: Calvin (ID#2842)
Gender: M
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Hayden Lake, Idaho
Special Needs: none

We will be closed from May 7th until May 10th then again May 14th until May 21st. Off having fun with my dogs. Thanks for understanding.Calvin

# 761 Heeeeeer's Calvin!!             FIRST NAME: Calvin (after the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes)                LAST NAME: ... to be determined : )  D.O.B.: May 15, 2007Calvin is a handsome, gregarious, energetic, and quite in need of a family. His mother is half Border Collie, half Australian Shepherd and his father is a hard working sheep herding, 100% Border Collie. Calvin enjoys long romps and is quite athletic. He can jump into high crates with ease, and does so willingly, well as soon as you toss in a treat. He loves roughhousing with his foster friends here. He loves toys and empty cereal boxes (can shred one quickly if given the opportunity), and hogging 75% of a king-sized mattress. He is housebroken, and will use the doggie door to go out for his business. In his former home he would choose his "accident" places on linoleum over carpet when young humans were too involved to let him out. When Calvin is told to " Go to your room! " he will run like heck, jump in his crate, and wait for foster mom to shut the door. Unfortunately, Calvin had to stay in his crate far too long during the day because his foster parents were at work so he came to us. Calvin really needs a home with a family who can commit to his care. He has been an indoor dog, and a home with heat and a nice soft bed with tons of toys and a big yard would be best. Calvin would probably excell at Flyball, frisbee, or Agility-- he has a lot of energy but can also settle nicely in the house. Calvin is a sweet boy, very snuggly, very affectionate, and has wise, ever watchful eyes. He has a moderate coat. The person he was intended for originally could not keep him when she was injured. Calvin is neutered, current on his shots and micro chipped.

You would need to travel to Northern Idaho to meet Calvin. We are sending applications out for him, will then gather several before we begin the selection process. Please EMAIL for an application if you have interest in adopting Calvin. Inland Northwest Rescue

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