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Camano Island, WA

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Rescue Group: Ravensgate
Date: 04-08-2007
DogId: MADDIE (WA#2158)
Gender: F
Age: 1 yr - 2 yrs
Location: Camano Island, WA
Special Needs: none


MADDIE is a young Border Collie mix (maybe with Australian Shepherd). She weighs about 60 pounds and is one of the sweetest girls I’ve met. She loves all people and even smiles when she meets people.

Maddie knows “sit”, “down”, and “shake hands”. She is very quiet in the house and outdoors she’s not a bundle of energy, but loves to go for walks or jogs (she has the perfect trot for jogging). She would be a great jogging companion or off road biking partner. She is very strong and could learn to ski-jour either with cross-country skis, or a bicycle.

She is well behaved in the yard, and does not try to jump out, or dig out (the fence here is 5’). She is also not a barker, except if she sees people and wants to join them.

She has a nice, solid temperament. Even in new situations she does not seem to be phased at all, just takes it in stride. She marched right into my vet’s office and stood on the floor scale to be weighed, like she’d done it many times before.

She does not have much experience with other dogs, but she’s learning that they are nice. If she goes to a home with another dog, it must be with an experienced person who can show her that other dogs are nice. She has appeared “too interested” in cats to make me want to place her with cats.

Maddie has a beautiful soft coat, not so thick as to be hard to brush out, but wonderful to cuddle. She loves to be petted and likes to sit very close for ear rubs and head rubs. She might make a great therapy dog, as she’s tall enough to be easily petted from a wheelchair. She takes treats very gently, using her lips to take even a very small treat from your hand.

Maddie is crate trained, spayed, and current on shots.

If you are interested in giving Maddie a permanent home, please fill out the on-line application available by clicking on the link below Maddie’s big photo, and then contact Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue at 360-387-5811, or .

Please consider CAREFULLY the commitment of keeping a dog for its entire life and providing for its needs during its lifetime before proceeding with the adoption process. They give us everything they have, and we should honor that by returning in kind their love, commitment and faithfulness.

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