Why Rescue ?

As you may already know, there is an over population of dogs being bred across the United States. There is an estimate of 7 dogs to each home available. Thousands are euthanized each year in our state alone. Many dogs, are lost or just unwanted. Many suffer neglect or cruelty.

We here are working with shelters and owners to save as many Border Collies that we can. We foster them until a suitable home becomes available. We give them the love and training that they may have been previously denied. In return they give us loyalty and companionship.

Should one need to leave this earth, let them not leave without having experienced love.

Trooper's story (Warning: It is heartbreaking)

Trooper RIP Sunday Sept 20, 1998

Today I leave this earth. It has been such a long journey for me.
Although my time has been short on this place I have traveled a long and hard road.
I came into this world with brother and sisters, I believe.
I can't remember it seemed like another lifetime.
My recollections which are not hazy, is being tossed out in the street at a very young age,
maybe 3-4 weeks. I don't know.
There I was alone and frightened with no one to provide me with warm kisses and comfort.
No warm body to lay next to at night.
No play fighting or squirming with my sibling but hard dark.htmhalt as my friend.
No human kindness, what did I do wrong to deserve this?
Was I born at the wrong time or not wanted?
I am trying to survive on my own but it is so cold and unfriendly.
I have no water or food, only the pebbles I try to eat or the brown dried grass.
No one to lean on either, but my spirit is not broken,
yet. I stumble around looking for my mom
but only find the cold unfriendly world.
I cry myself to sleep, tears of sadness rolling down my face
and I lick them off, the only nourishment I have found.
Each day I try harder but my legs get weaker and my heart is breaking.
I wait in vain for my mom.
She does not arrive.
Cars run by, their human faces peering out at me,
but yet no one stops.
What have I done to deserve this?
Each day I get weaker and my hopeful gaze at the cars is now replaced by dark despair.
My body is broken, no food or water has drained all of my life from me,
my spirit is not far behind.
One day I wake up and try to get up but my body does not respond.
I look like a rug and all bones, no flesh on me and no muscle.
My heart is broken now. I cry but no tears come out.
I lie here waiting for the rainbow bridge crossing.
I see a face above me and it is a humane shelter worker.
They lift my light form up and carry me away.
I can not even move my head up, I am so weak.
They work on me all week, trying to get me better.
Finally I can look up and lift my body up but more importantly my spirit is revived.
On friday, I go home with Kim from Border Collie Rescue.
She holds me in her arms and whisper sweet nothings in my ear,
kisses me on my head and shows me the love I have been denied.
I sit up for her if only for a few moments.
I know true peace and happiness and most importantly, love.
Love which has been denied me before.
Her love for me is so strong it feeds me and I feel alive again.
She loves me so much, a love that I have never felt before.
My heart swells and my love pours out to her.
There is hope now where there was none before.
But my body is still weak although my spirit is strong.
Kim in her love for me, takes me to her vet
where I spend the weekend under the vets care.
I have more people who love me and I gaze into their eyes
with happiness....something I have been denied all my life.
Unfortunately my body is weak and sends me to the rainbow bridge.
My spirit remains with Kim who showed me that there is love.
My time on earth was but 40 days......18 hours of love with Kim.

Trooper RIP Sunday Sept 20, 1998

Written by Diane Pagel

"As heartbreaking and tragic this can be, it is one of the reasons I do rescue. If one of these guys has to leave this world, they won't leave without first having known love. I just wish I had more time with him. His suffering has ended. His spirit has moved on as a positive energy having felt love before he left us."
--Kim Varian 

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