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Issaquah, WA

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If you are an experienced dog owner looking for a long term project, this might be the dog for you.  Cedar is about 14 months old.  Best guess is that he is an Aussie, or possibly an English Shepherd (farm collie).   

Cedar was picked up as a stray in the hills around Yakima where he had been observed running loose for about a month; was seen getting chased by coyotes, and other times moving range cattle and sheep around in the hills. He had to be caught in a trap, as he was extremely wary of people. He is not a shy or fearful dog by nature, he simply learned that he needed to keep away from people trying to catch him.  He spent a month in the backyard of the person who trapped him, and that person reported he tried to chase their cats if they ran, and nipped at the heels of the children in the home, so a home without either kids or cats is in everyone's best interests.    

We kept a leash on him 24x7 the first month or two we had him and let him drag the leash around so we could reach for the leash, not him, which improved things a lot. He actually walks quite nicely on leash, although he will pull to keep up with another dog in front of him. My son has taken him jogging several times and reports that he keeps next to him nicely.    

In spite of his rocky start, he is a nice little dog that is showing great improvement in his comfort around people, and is starting to look to me to interact with him.  He is housetrained, with no accidents in months.   

Cedar can still be quite a barker when he is excited or frustrated or impatient (like when he sees or hears the other dogs playing and he cannot get to them) but he is continually improving his self control.  He is relatively quiet now when I am home, but the rest of my family reports that he barks more when I am not home.      

He is good with the other dogs, and loves to play with a 2 year old dog in our home. He is not a submissive dog, rather somewhat pushy (another reason for an experienced owner).  He bounces back quickly and doesn't hold a grudge if rebuffed by another dog.  He is loose in our house most of the day, and is happy to mingle with the other dogs (especially another young dog we have that he loves to wrestle with indoors and play chase games outside).  However, we are keeping him separated from the other dogs as much as possible so that he spends more of his day around people.  He needs to bond better with people, not dogs.  So I am looking for a home where the owner has a lot of time to spend with just him

He is currently around 40 lbs.  I'm guessing he will be around 45 lbs when fully grown and filled out.  You might call his coloring either a black tri, or a saddleback sable. And he came out of the Yakima area with a tail!  He is up to date on his vaccinations, has been wormed, neutered, and microchipped.    

Because of observations of him moving range cattle when he was running loose near Yakima, I took him for a preliminary herding evaluation the end of February, which was negative.  Observations of this pup showed him more interested in the other dog in the pen than the sheep. What interest he did show was more just chasing them rather than thoughtful movement.  So this evaluation did not show any herding potential.  I will probably try him again toward the end of June. I can send you a link to the video of that outing if you are interested in watching it.   

This is a nice dog that is now greeting me with a wagging tail, and climbing up on the sofa to lay next to me.  He is very food motivated and willingly goes into his crate to be fed.  He is becoming quite a fan of fetching, and will play with toys by himself too.  He has learned to swim and is a very enthusiastic swimmer after a tennis ball.  I have had him off leash on numerous hikes (dragging a long line just in case) and he stays right with the other dogs and checks in with me frequently. I will be starting him in an obedience class soon, so check in to see how that is going.   

In the interest of full disclosure, when he was transferred from Yakima to Issaquah, he was extremely stressed and scared, as the people chased him for 90 minutes in their back yard trying to catch him for the transfer. He bit two people in that process. In the months he has been in our home I have seen him in a number of very stressful situations and there has not been any indication of biting, so that was likely an extreme situation of mishandling that caused those bites. He went for a trial adoption in April with a senior couple who have a lot of dog experience, but it did not work out. He regressed a lot in that situation, and they decided he was a bit too much of a project for what they wanted in their lives at this time. So you will need to expect he will regress when removed from his current situation, but I am willing to ease that transition by orchestrating as many short visits and outings as needed. 

Here is a link to a clip of him trotting on leash,  He is a little bit pigeon toed in the back, but moves light on his feet.  Here is another clip of him wrestling with another young dog.

Cedar is being fostered in Issaquah, WA.  If you would like to find out more about this young dog, give Joan Hitchner a call at 425-391-0450, or e-mail  His requested adoption donation is $150.   


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