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TUCKER  is a very handsome smooth-coat (short-coat) Border Collie McNab who is only 1-1/2 year of age.   He is a large-sized Border Collie, ranging in the 65 pound plus.   His short coat will be low maintenance requiring very little grooming and is also low shedding.    He is a sweet and gentle fellow who seeks out human attention and affection often.  Tucker is extremely smart as well as athletic and energetic, perhaps good for a dog-sports owner for competition or recreational purposes.   He just might excel in sheep herding, agility, nosework, tracking, frizbee or freestyle training.  He can be shy around new people at first, accepting friendly attention from strangers (especially women) but will lean against his people for security.  Tucker enjoys car rides and likes to stick his head out of the window. 

Tucker is seeking an adult adopter with no small children in the home simply due to his exuberant personality.  He might be happiest as an “only-pet”, but could get along okay with one other high-tolerant dog in the home.   He loves to play with other dogs but can get too excited and be a bit rougher than other dogs often prefer or will tolerate.  He will be best as a hiking, trail-running (on leash) family dog, but not good for the off-leash dog park as he has learned that coming when called was a scary thing.    He needs to learn that coming to his people when called is nothing but a “good thing” to do.  Tucker is a young dog who will need regular daily exercise - both physical and mental.

Tucker is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  He knows basic commands (sit, down, stay and “paw”).  

Contact Bob for more information. 253-229-2623 or


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