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Alturas, CA

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    Jacki s a working dog who is seeking a JOB -- herding cows, or sheep, or llamas. Jack has a very strong herding/play instinct and he needs a rural setting where he can be helpful.  We have seen him bunch up cows and slowly, carefully herd his foster follk's four llamas without getting them excited.  Jack displays that "eye" that you see in a herding dog.  He stays very contentedly in the kennel awaiting his call to go for a walk or herd the local critters.  Jack definitely needs a JOB.

jJack came to HPHS from out of no9where. ". He either had been running on his own for too long a time, or he was stored somewhere and ignored.   However, within ten days of being in a foster home he would come when called,  ride alongside his foster mom's horse and bunch up a herd of cattle when given the opportunity.  He would gather the stragglers back into the herd and then come and lay down next to his foster mom, awaiting the next instructions.  He is very athletic and most likely would take easily to agility training, if not working.            However, like most border collies,  he also chases cats if and when they run.  He is a smart dog, willing to learn and to please.  He loves to play with the other resident border collie at his foster home, but he did scare the cats into hiding.   When he first arrived at this foster home, he would jump up constantly and play bite;  but with a handy-dandy spray bottle, that habit is gone.  He deserves a home where some one has time to spend with him and teach him more good manners. Now he responds to a signal to go into his kennel for the night and will go into a crate on request.        Adoption fee is $85.  

If you're interested in Jack, please fill out the online application and contact     

PS - Transport to distant places can be organized.                


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