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Sissy - Border Collie
Baker City, Oregon

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 Hi there!  My name is Sissy and I am a four year old female Border Collie/Australian Shepherd with medium black curly hair and white on my feet, chest and muzzle.  I weigh about 40 pounds, am spayed, and current on all my vaccinations.  I am house trained, have teriffic house manners and am quiet unless the other two dogs tell me that it is time to play and bark.   I also ride well inside the car, not loose in the back of a pickup.  I am little timid with first make introductions, but slowly warm up.  I am happy to be living in a foster home with adults and a four-year old boy, a very large cat and two very large dogs.  I don't really play with the child but am gentle and sweet with him.  I ignore the cat but do run and play with the dogs in the large fenced back yard.  What I am looking for is a family that has lots of love and and affection to give to me.  I will wiggle myself right into your arms for all the attention I can get.  However, I am not a lap dog or big snuggler.  My favorite place for security is a soft rug under my foster parent's bed.  Because of my previous life, I am a little timid about eating around other dogs, so I prefer to eat alone in another area all by myself.  I walk well on a leash and enjoy the family walks to town and to run free on a hike in the country with the other dogs.  I have great recall.  I am crate trained, but can be trusted to be left home alone with the other dogs and not get into trouble.  I do require a secure fenced yard for my safety and exercise. I prefer a six foot fence because of my jumping skills. I am also learning to walk downtown on the busy, noisy streets and walk into some of the business place tha allow dogs.  I am becoming more confident and feel that I am ready to make the move to a wonderful forever home, wherever that may be.  I have learned trust and loyalty from my foster family and I am now looking for another person or family to teach me that same trust, love and loyalty.  If you adopt me, I can guarantee that you will have the best new family member that will keep you company wherever you go; walk, run or car ride.  Please CALL Best Friends of Baker at 541-519-7387 (WE DO NOT TEXT) or send a completed applcation.  We  respond to all applications. 


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