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Baker City, Oregon

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My name is Jake and I am an 9 month old male Border Collie and Brittany Spaniel.  I will be one year old in August.  My mother is a Border Collie and my father is Border Collie and Brittany Spaniel.  I am currently living on a ranch which has not been a good fit for me. My family has had me since I was a baby, but I have developed some issues which come from being a herding dog and a hunting dog. The two just don't work out too well with the ranch animals. I have discovered that I am not a working cow dog and I love to chase the chickens on my ranch as well as the neighbors. That got me into a lot of trouble so I have to be confined to the kennel. I do get along well with the other dogs on the ranch. They are a female Border Collie and two male Chihuahuas. I also get along with the pigs and house cats, but will chase the barn cats if they tempt me by getting too close. My family is made up of two adults and six children, ages, 3-16 and I love them all. I am an extremely mellow dog for being 8 months old, but can't leave those birds alone. I would love to have a home where I can be with my family members inside and outside. I do not want to be a fenced back yard dog looking in the house. Besides, Border Collies get bored if left alone, so I am looking for someone who will give me a job such as agility trials, herding competition, obedience or perhaps flyball. I am smart and agile and will do well at any of these activities. I will be neutered and vaccinated prior to my adoption. Please call Carmen at 541-519-4530 or Best Friends of Baker, Inc. at 541-519-7387 for more information and an application.


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