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11/11/2015 update Maurice has been in foster care since 7/30/15 Please read entire post. Maurice is now neutered and current on all his vaccinations. Because he was kept in a pen for a huge portion of his short life, most everything is new and sometimes a little scary, however he improves bit by bit every day. He is truly a sweet and wonderful boy. He is now crate trained and house trained. He loves his crate and feels safe there. Living in a house is all new to him, so he is being closely supervised so he can learn good house manners. He will go to the door when he needs to go potty. He has learned to love his collar and leash because they now mean walks and treats and good things! He loves his walks and has endless energy! He does know how to settle now and loves snuggles and tummy rubs! He knows sit, down, come and wait. He is just learning to play with toys as he was afraid he might get into trouble for putting them in his mouth. He is a very soft touch and will cringe with any harsh word. He does grow more confident with each day. He is still learning appropriate dog language and can still be overzealous with other dogs but he is definitely learning. He gets along with his foster brothers and sisters ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 11 years and 24 to 100 lbs. In summary, he is an amazingly smart, sensitive, sweet boy. Previous Border Collie experience required. Fully fenced yard required.

Anyone out there looking to spend a month section-hiking the PCT?  Maurice would be happy to join you ON LEASH as your only canine companion.  He needs bonding time, and a way to work off his energy.   

Maurice is a exceptionally high drive, smooth coat,  working stock border collie who has been housed in a penned area amongst livestock.   The herding behavior in BC's when not properly fostered can turn into prey drive thus getting the dog (and livestock) into serious trouble.  Maurice is in trouble, deep trouble.   

At this stage of the game, Maurice is tightly wound, frustrated, and in desperate need of a trainer to give him direction. He is a good boy at heart.   He's one of those dogs that could be the next Skidboot, or end up on Skid Row... or worse.   

Maurice needs an experienced home with no livestock or cats.  He needs time and training.   He is not going to be an easy dog at first, but  will be amazing once in a non-livestock environment and given some basic training coupled with lots of exercise.  It's always the really smart ones who get themselves into the most difficult predicaments.  We have had several dogs like this in rescue over the years.    One went to the Nationals in flyball. Another is working cattle in the Palisades.  And another ended up competing in agility on a national level. 


  • Smart as a whip
  • Young, probably less than 16-months old
  • Desperately seeking guidance (but frustrated)
  • Wants to bond
  • Sweet
  • No human bite history


  • No training
  • Mouthy (in a very juvenile, puppy sort of way)
  • Frustrated
  • Easily jumps 4' fences (so far not clearing a 5' fence)
  • Digs (can escape out of a kennel w/o propery reinforcements)
  • Not house broken
  • Will chew through collars and leashes
  • Can appear barrier aggressive while penned, but I was able to walk up to him and pet him.. he is desperate for attention and does not know proper etiquette to get it. 
  • Has been fed alone, so may be food aggressive. Has never been taught not to be, and this will be evaluated further in a foster home.    


  • Because his herding drive has gone unchecked, he has killed two ducks and a sheep.    Normally, this would be a death sentence for Maurice, but because he was housed in a kennel immediately adjacent to these animals, the frustration has boiled over and the "modified prey drive" that BC's are bred to have has morphed into into a very grave problem.  It is due to this unique "housing" situation that he is being given a chance.   

We would prefer not to place Maurice into a home with other dogs until he has learned manners.   He is good with the other BC (a fantastic, friendly house pet) in the house, but relentlessly torments the livestock guardian dog if allowed near her. 

Please contact for more details.   


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