PRINCE  Update:  18-June-00 (see end of entries):

9 May 00:- 6-7 years old (??) This is a very special entry for a dog who exemplifies the need for Dog Rescue in America.  Prince one "hurting pup", waiting for a kind soul  to turn him back into the noble, dignified prince that he really is.   He will be transferred to a foster home in the Seattle area in mid-June.   He is currently in Oregon.

 Here is his story. 

I got a call from a woman who told me that her mother-in-law has a Border Collie.  The mother- in-law had a massive stroke about 2 weeks ago and will not be able to come back to her home.  Prince is still at the home and the daughter in law and son live across the street.   They go over and feed him once a day, but that's about it.  I went to check him out today.  You would not believe what I saw.  

The dog was in the back yard, so we had to go through the house.  This woman also had indoor 5 cats, and I doubt there was a litter box anywhere in that house.  It reeked of cat pee and was FILTHY!  The back porch, where Prince sleeps, was cluttered with broken down furniture and garbage.  I would not have been surprised to see a rat run across the floor. 

The back yard is tiny and also full of garbage.  Prince is just as filthy as this place.  His white fur is almost brown.  He is severely matted, especially in the rump area and the hair that grows between his toes is a good 5" long!  When I pet him, it felt like I was running my hand on old newspaper.  The woman told me that he's never had a bath in the 5 years he's lived there.  Despite all this, the dog was happy and very friendly.  He is a tri-color and on the large end of the spectrum.  He's also a bit over weight.  I think once he's cleaned up, he'll be a very pretty boy!  I have to get this poor boy out of there and get him to a groomer!!! 

The people brought Prince out to me.  If I ever get him adopted now, it'll be a miracle.  I had decided that there was no reason why the relative's of this old woman couldn't pay to have this dog groomed.  So I told them I would be happy to take him into rescue if the had him groomed first.  They said no problem.  They took him to the vet that morning and got him caught up on his shots and bathed.  But instead of asking them to "groom" him, they told them to "shave" him.  His fur is shaved really, really short, including his tail.  He looks awful.  Now you can see all the sores on his body from itching it all the time, plus he has several cysts (I think) under his skin.  He weighs 75 pounds, and is quite fat. I have never seen anything like that before, but it almost looks like he's had puppies, and is still nursing a bit.  Weird!  

His teeth are still pretty clean and his eyes clear.  Who is going to want this dog, looking like this???   Any suggestions?  Any picture I take of him for the  web site is going to look horrible. But he is such a sweet dog and loves everybody (except cats), and is doing fine indoors.  


PS - The people that had Prince before called last night to see how he was doing.  They said when the were cleaning up the back porch where Prince slept (on a old, chewed up sofa), the found a rat's nest (occupied!) inside the sofa. Eeeewww!

Prince  will worship the ground you walk on .  Just one look into his soulful eyes and he'll melt your heart. With a little TLC, some medication for his sores, hope,  and a good (slimming) diet, this boy is going to glow.    

Update 04-June-00:   The sores are healing, his fur is growing back slowly,  and he's lost 7 lbs!!!!!!   Prince is on the road to recovery, but really needs a place to call home....FOREVER. 

Update 18-June-00: (This is from Prince's foster mom in the Seattle area. )  Just a quick note to let you know Prince is doing great.  We spent a couple of hours at the vet this morning.  We gave him a full exam. 

My vet recommended we do a blood test to check his thyroid, which we did. It came back normal.  I had him micro-chipped and gave him the first of two distemper boosters. This vet thinks he's between 5 or 6 with lots of hard miles on him.  As you mentioned, Jill, his teeth are in remarkably good shape.  

Prince has a bunch of goop in his eyes, so the vet prescribed eye drops.  Finally, I picked up fatty omega acids for his coat.   Our vet said the food we have our other dogs on his fine so I'd like to leave him on that.  You'll be happy to know that he actually ate a bit today.  The boy is the mellowest border collie I've ever seen, and one of the most affectionate.  He's a real love.  

He has already learned how to get in and out of the doggie door in the garage to the dog run, and found a favorite couch out there on which to chew his hoof.  

 If you are interested in Prince, please fill out an APPLICATION  to help us get the process started.   Please contact or  with any questions.  Prince is now an SPDR dog.