Sheena's Tweed

Now that the time has changed, it's dark when I get off of work so me and the doggies have had to change our walking pattern. I've been taking the dogs to
English bay, because it's well lit and doesn't involve walking in the dark in the park.

Anyway, the other night Briggs found a pumpkin floating in the ocean and tried to bring in it - except it's a PUMPKIN and how do you pick up a pumpkin with your mouth?

He was out there swimming around for ages, trying to "herd" it back to shore ... and he did it! He and Tweed managed to get it on the sand and then started desecrating it - big chunks of pumpkin corpse all over the beach. They had orange mouths, and their faces were covered in wet, salty pumpkin goosh.

Tweed would stick his face in the middle of the pumpkin and raise his head with pumpkin guts dripping and sliming off of him and then race after Briggs, who
would pretend to run in horror, then turn and chase him away from the pumpkin, and tear off big chunks and throw them around.

It was the funniest thing my dogs have done in ages. If you could only have seen Briggs swimming way out in the ocean trying to get the pumpkin to swim back to
shore. He eventually just started bopping it with his nose to push it toward the sand.


I gave Tweed a bath and he howled throughout the whole process.  So I howled right along with him.  My neighbors must think I'm bananas.