Adopting a Rescue Border Collie puppy

 will change your life!

(a message from Sheena & Tweed)

This is a public service announcement for all of you who might be thinking about adopting a dog through Border Collie Rescue.  I've been there, and I have words of wisdom for you.

First things first:  the second you bring the little critter into your home, he'll assume command of all aspects of your life.  Rest, relaxation, time-to-yourself .... all of them, vanished.  Instead, prepare for utter chaos.  Protect your rolls of toilet paper like gold.  Form no sentimental attachments to valuable books or limited edition records.  Get ready to dash up and race across your house in record-setting time, and wave buh-bye to lengthy sleep-ins.  You no longer own your life.  Your puppy now owns it. 

If you don't enjoy spending lots of time on your living room floor playing puppy games, I don't recommend a rescue border collie puppy.

And now I know how celebrities feel, because my puppy Tweed has turned me into one.  Gone are the days of sweat pants and slippers - I have to get all dolled up every time I leave the house, because EVERYONE recognizes me.  If I'm going to the grocery store, at least ten people want to know where my puppy is.  If I take him for a walk, at least 30 people stop to greet him.  I'm thinking of legally changing my name to "That Lady With The Puppy Tweed." 

If you happen to be a hermit, I strongly advise you do NOT adopt a Border Collie puppy.

Personally, I find that dinners are more entertaining when you play "Find The Dog Hair In Your Salad", but maybe that's just me.  And I've always wanted to play soccer in the house for hours on end.  And really, I did NEED another kitten, I didn't adopt one just so Tweed has a buddy to chase  - no, really.  I especially enjoy being sassed back at whenever I issue a command to my puppy.  And I particularly appreciate how he grabs my pant legs and yanks me off the sofa - I mean, who really needs to nap after dinner anyway?

If you enjoy using the bathroom facilities without a four-legged audience, you really don't want to adopt a Border Collie puppy.

The coffee table does look sort of avant-garde, now that all the corners have been chewed off.  I needed a new cordless phone anyway too.  And who knew that post-Halloween pumpkins found floating in the ocean could be retrieved back to shore and double as soccer balls?  Did you know that sand was edible - in large quantities?  What about socks?

If you don't enjoy learning new things, I see no reason why you'd want to adopt a Border Collie puppy,

Don't get me wrong - it's not all sunshine and roses.  I mean, I never asked 30 lbs of dog to curl up in my chest in the evenings for a nap, with his nose nestled in my neck.  I could be counting sheep instead of counting the days until I can introduce Tweed to sheep.  Sitcoms are pretty funny; there's no reason I should have to rely on my puppy for hours of genuine amusement.  Yup ... my puppy Tweed controls my life.

If you don't want the best companion you'll ever have for the next 15 years, do not - I repeat, do NOT - adopt a Border Collie puppy from Border Collie Rescue.

Briggs the Border Collie
Tweed the Border Collie

In June of 2000, Sheena adopted a chocolate and white border collie puppy named Tweed through Border Collie Rescue, Washington.  Smart as a whip and just as fast, Tweed is a fun, loving, intelligent companion to Sheena and her four year old chocolate tri-coloured border collie, Briggs.   Last we heard from Sheena, she was quoted as saying "I blame Janet for this getting-a-puppy-thing.  If you need me, I'll be at the beach playing soccer with a pumpkin."


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