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I have a success story I would like to have added. It is about Nop. I have included quite a few pictures. Please use the Weave Pole Picture as the cove shot.

Nop is loving life now! He lives with his best friend, Venita, and his adoptive brother, Ring. They compete successfully in Agility. If your in the Northwest watch for them! Nop and Venita have earned several Agility titles and plan to earn many more! 

Originally, Nop was in the Roseburg, Oregon shelter. He enrolled in school to become a Hearing Service dog. Unfortunately, his sensitive nature wasn't what they wanted and he flunked out! After that he moved into Border Collie Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. He found a home; but, alas! It was the wrong one, and he was returned. After much waiting, Nop and Venita finally found each other. It has been all smooth sailing since!




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