Sometimes he is Randee Rando, said with French accent, like, when he knocked over 2 gallons of paint in my kitchen and proceeded to paint the town red.  Sometimes he is Marlon Rando, when he looking extremely handsome with his lips stuck to his teeth.  And other times he is Randy Travis when he sings like a country western singer to the tune of nearby fire engines....:)

Tita and Randy are doing great! Randy gets to herd until his heart's content, usually with his Teletubby toy in his mouth... We live about a mile from a lake which has some great trails and swimming. A State College is nearby and it has miles and miles of woodsy trails to explore. Randy has become the most amazing swimmer and crashes through the water to retrieve sticks before Tita can get them. Sometimes he just goes out and cruises around in the water, as if he is swimmin laps or something, diving under to get sticks that are on the bottom. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with being himself and is becoming much more expressive. I think he is pretty happy! I know I am.


Randy's orginal story:

[Randy] was turned into the shelter as a BC but because he had no tail he was classified an Aussie. He was being put down so I took him. He is definitely a BC. There is a breeder over in this part of the country who does dock tails and my hunch is that's where he came from. Anyway. Nice dog. Tall and lanky (same as my BC) very sweet, seems housebroken (I have dog doors so it's hard to know sometimes), is crate-trained.

Randy is a very soft dog, is good with kids, good on lead will be [two years old]  the 1st of December (about). He doesn't chew, bark dig, and is ok left alone.   He's neutered and has no physical problems. His crime was chasing livestock.  I haven't put him on my sheep but the instinct is there.