Roscoe and Gina

Dear Lynn,
Roscoe is good with Kira.   They like to play tug with each other, but Roscoe chews the tug while tugging.   We got him a 450 crate and he can go in it whenever he wants.   On the sidewalk he will try to go after the cars and almost pulled Kira on the road.  They get really, really muddy when they're outside and we have to hose them off, but Roscoe is terrified of the hose.   When we went to a flyball tournament on the 18 of March and he ate the white tip of his tail.   He sleeps on my bed and my parents say that when they check on us he's spralwed out on the bed while I'm squished at the top corner by my pillow.  
I've been teaching him flyball with jumps and us as the box.   He's doing pretty well at it so far but I plan to make him go at top speed.   We've also changed his diet from your kind to Nutro and he's also getting 2.5 cups a day because he's a little over weight.   So everything is going excellent with him.   When he's wet there's no smell because he had a  bath and looked so cute. 
Gina & Mr. UnStinky (a.k.a. Roscoe)

Roscoe gets a bath.  What a sad looking animal! 

Roscoe and Kira


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