Prince - before

Prince - After

Before Prince was adopted, he was owned by an elderly woman in Oregon.  When she was hospitalized, her daughter-in-law fed "the dog" for a while then contacted BC Rescue.   We don't have a lot of details other than Prince lived in the backyard, was terribly obese (at least 30 lbs overweight), had never been groomed, and shared his couch with rats. 

BC Rescue asked only one thing before Prince was surrendered BC Rescue:  that he was groomed.  With so many dogs in rescue, a flea infestation would have been hard to control.  Rather than pay to have Prince groomed, he was shaved.    The rest of Prince's story can be found here. 

Following is an excerpt from one of his owners recent letters:

Here are some pictures of Prince.   He seems to be "at home" now and he and Chelsea get along great.   I don't know if you remember all the stuffed bears I have, but, he left them alone for the first 2 months and then discovered them.   We had to get  him his own stuffed toys.   He loves the squeaky ones but chews teh squeaker out.   He has settled on a "Booda" bear and carries that around now.   Chelsea couldn't care less about Booda except when she wants to remind Prince that she is the top dog.   She will take it away from him and then taunt him with it.  (Author's note:  Chelsea is an old spaniel and despite her age, top dog! See her in the picture below). 

His job is to patrol the yard for stray cats, raccoons, and to dig up the mole tunnels.   He is such a sweet, gentle dog.   My 3-year-old niece loves  him.   She takes him on walks, lays on him, and follows him around the house.    He is very tolerant of  her attention.   HE loves to go on walks, but he did take off after a deer up in Cougar Mountain park - we did not see him for half an hour - it was horrible.   Now h e has to stay on leash.  

Prince's best friend is MooMoo the rat terrier next door.   MooMoo barks at the fence until Prince comes over and then she will sneak through to play.   Prince chases her around the yard until they are both exhausted.  Chelsea will have nothing to do with either of them when they are doing this.  

I think we are hooked on border collies now.  But, I have to stay away from the bcrescue site cuz I keep wanting to bring more home!



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Prince Plays with Chelsea

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PrinceCollage.jpg (note Booda Bear in the middle)

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