Ole' Blue

Ole' Blue had lived her days in a manner that most border collies  can only dream of.  However,  retirement was nearing, and she needed a apprentice to take over one day.  Now that "merry rose" has proven she can mostly handle the work, Ole' Blue is beginning her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  

 The folks affiliated with BC Rescue would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for his correspondence and to wish him and his family well during this very difficult time.

These pictures have been contributed by Robert Jacobson. All dialogue associated with the pictures are  taken from various emails we received from Robert.   As always, you may click on the thumbnails for better resolution images.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Ole Blue is shutting down her system.  She hasn't eaten or taken water for two days now.  She won't take hand feeding any longer.  I helped her up one last night to do the evening chores.  The cows accommodated her by breaking out, so she got to help with one last "cow push."  She staggered around.  The three of us laid down in the field and said our good byes.  There are tears in my eyes even now.  Animals just know when it is time.  This picture is about a week old.  Merry rose has been very gracious to Ole Blue.  I can't write anymore tonight.

She's got guts and my undying love.


Ole Blue is also circling the rams just to make sure the young "whipper-snapper" does it right one last time. 


 These guys are hams. 
(Merry Rose, Ole Blue .  Taken approximately 1 week ago.)


July 19, 2000