Molly's Story



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Molly (formerly called Amber )- (click on image for better picture) - Thank you Lucy and Ken!!!!   We love what you are doing for this girl!!!!

Amber, 3 year old, semi rough, b/w female,  WAS  a dog in true need of rescue.  She comes from a home where she was hit by a car 6 months ago and never received the medical treatment she needed.     Despite a life of extreme neglect, Amber is a very sweet girl.   Very attentive and puppy like in eagerness.  She wants to play ball and play with the other dogs.

We took her for x-rays.  Her left hip is pretty bad.  Apparently, when she was hit the leg bone popped out of the hip socket and never really went back in.  Over time the hip socket has been rubbed by the leg bone.  There isn't much socket left to hold a leg bone.  Also there is a little arthritis that is setting in.  She can be fixed to a more comfortable state where she can be a wonderful pet for someone.  Wonderful she is.

Her options are:  total hip replacement for $2800 to make her good as new  or cut off the ball at the end of the leg so that it no longer will rub against the hip socket, cost $500. With the second choice, she will always limp but the pain and discomfort  would be gone. With a total hip replacement, she will be as good as new once recovered.

Update 8/18/99: (Lucy and Amber have gone to WaSU)

Lucy has had nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff at WaSU.  They are all very skilled, dedicated, attentive and caring.   She is very impressed with Tracy Jensen who is looking after Amber, as is she with Dr. Lincoln and the rest of his staff.   




Just catching up on the mail, at last.  Went to see Dr. Jacobsen at Redwood Animal late this afternoon to have him check on Molly's rotation.  He has suggested that we pull back a bit from this  intense physical therapy till after her sutures are removed in ten days.  She has almost complete rotation of that leg now and is 40% weight-bearing on it.  He has advised just walking and to suspend the Frisbee and ball playing for a short time till some of the tissue has healed.  Molly has already removed one suture and so I'm keeping her close by me this week to insure she doesn't do the next six.  Can't imagine how she got it out without ripping herself as it was double looped.  Border collies!

Till later.



We were lucky.  Molly has been the perfect fit.  It was like we had always been together and Ken has gotten so taken with her.  Many thanks again for such a wonderful companion.  I already love her to death.  I can't imagine not having her around and it's only been a few weeks!


Just a note to keep you up to date.  Molly gets her stitches out tomorrow and the incision is looking very good.  She's becoming more bouncy these past few days and even jumps now and then.  I'll be anxious to have the vet check on her leg rotation.   She also gets her next set of shots and then should be okay for awhile.  Hard to believe we've had her almost a month. 


Today we got the stitches out and the doc checked the leg.  She has 80-90% rotation and is 75% weight-bearing when relaxed.  I was just thrilled!  He also said that most  dogs are still limping after suture removal and she was prancing around.  Also, the question of physical therapy is almost moot at this point.   Notice she sits more and her play posture is beginning to look border collie--that low stealth look.