Merry Rose's Story

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The first photo is a picture of Merry Rose as she appeared on our web site when she was listed with BC Rescue in July of 1999.  The second picture was sent to us 12/99.  Merry Christmas Merry Rose!

Please also see A Tribute to Ole' Blue (July 2000) 


New pictures of Merry Rose (August 2000)

In a day and age when we read so many stories about the plight of   border collies and other dogs, it's nice to be able to post a story with a fairy-tale ending.  BC Rescue would like to extend special thanks to Kathy and Diane  for helping find Rose a most wonderful working home with Robert and Nancy.   


Not much is known about Rose's background.   Our story opens with other-breed rescuers in Idaho pleading for some one to take Rose and Red into rescue.  

Scene 1:  Rose taken into rescue

Following is the web post to our Oregon Rescue page: 

Arrived with Red.  Red and Rose were saved from an Idaho shelter, on their way  to the vet college.  She is a serious girl.  Wants a herding job with a human companion also.  She looks and acts pure BC.  She is about one year old, crate trained and housebroken.  She tends to get picked on by the girls but keeps Red in line just fine.  She is a very quiet and sweet girl. 

Scene 2:  Time for Ole' Blue to Retire

From: Robert 
To: Kathy
Subject: border collie
Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 4:40 PM


I'm getting within a few years of retirement.  Ole blue thinks we should all retire now.  This would be a good home for a female working dog to come to live out her days with me.  I'm not fooling with males or puppies anymore.  The main point is that I need the "eye," obedience and the willingness to work.  I'll train her to do the rest.  She'll think she died and went to heaven.  I feed hill's science diet.  Outside of accidents, vaccines and annual check ups my dogs live the "good life."  They love to eat tails and other things that are cut off.  Ole blue loved tail docking and castrating days.  I never had to feed her on those evenings.  But they have to work.  Oh ole blue has always thought that she was a pet, but show her a sheep or cow that was out of line and off she'd go.  When she was young and full of vinegar, she would not bring the whole flock or herd home at the same time.  She knew when that task was complete she was through for the day.  She had a knack for extending the day.  I was amused when I wasn't too tired to appreciate what she was doing.

Unfortunately there are far too many people that think that a border collie will make a good pet, until they come home one day and their home is all torn up or worse.  I'll find what I'm looking for sooner or later.  I've been offered several border collies in the past, but I only want one at a time (outside of ole blue of course).


Scene 3: Rose goes to Robert's Farm

From: Kathy
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 1999 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: ad

Sounds like the dogs have had a good year. I know Rose from Oregon got a good home in Astoria. She is now Merry Rose and is working out well. She did a few huge boo's boo's when she first arrived.  About the 5th day she saved him from his bull. He had her on a lead when the bull decided to take him on. He said he undid her, "since their was no reason for them both to get hurt" Then I guess she sank  down and took on the bull on. He said the bull looked at her and said "oh shit the wolf" and then backed down. That's when he said she is a keeper. He has been working with her everyday and she now brings in the sheep on her own and helps with the cattle.  She has a good place. Clean, good food and much work. She is lucky.

Talk to you later.
Let me know if you ever get in a spot with the dogs and I can help.

Scene 4:  Success

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From: Robert
To: <>
Subject: BC rescue program comments
Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999 6:58 PM


My old Border collie was growing old and could not help me very much anymore. So I began looking and praying for some sort of working dog to help me with my chores while I near retirement. I had even contemplated complete retirement. I didn’t want a puppy at my age. It would be unfair to the pup. A friend asked me to check out the BC rescue groups. Other friends told me your type of group was more interested in animal rights than anything else, so I was apprehensive at first. I have dealt with enough of those types to last me a lifetime. I treat my animals as animals not as children. We all know exactly where we stand. However, I met a very enthusiastic young lady from the Washington area on the Internet who assured me that my fears were without foundation. The dog I finally settled on came with some thought that she had been abused and that she was fearful of most other animals. 

Well, let me tell you, if she was abused, a man didn’t abuse her. She has absolutely no fear of me or other men that have visited me. I’m not even sure she was abused. She doesn’t fear any of our other dogs. She has become the dominant one. Because of haying season I have not had time to start formal training. It has become obvious that she has not worked livestock before. However, she responds to some simple obedience commands, which have allowed me to work the livestock with her. She is learning how to move cattle by nipping at their heels while trying desperately to avoid their vicious kicks. She also seems to understand that working sheep is altogether different. She prefers to work sheep. She seems to love every minute of this type of action. I kept her tied to me for a week. She could not do anything without a gentle tug of the leach. She has grown so confident and obedient that I can’t find the leash anymore. We are becoming a team. She actually helps me enjoy working the livestock again. I’m not nearly as tired at the end of the day as I had become over the last year or so.

Warm regards,

ROBERT  (one day closer to retirement & eternity)