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Update March 10, 2003

We started agility two days after he came to live with us. He is/was a crazy, sweet dog who needed a job. So, he and I took on the agility world. What a trip it has been! He is so responsive and a ton of fun to run and train. He has won five trick dog contests as well as agility titles.

Max is such a nut that I often refer to him as Mad Max. This weedend (March 9th, 2003) he officially became MAD Max when he earned his Master Agility Dog title. He is also working on his NATCH in NADAC. All this in a little over two years!

Thank you Border Collie Rescue!!

Bonnie Johnson and "Max"imum Overdrive MAD, EAC, EGC, OJC

Update 2/14/2001:

Another little update on Max.  He went to his second trial last weekend and earned his first leg in his novice title in USDAA and a second place.  He also smoked them in Gamblers which had some stiff competition for a novice
class.  We also placed fourth in both Snooker and Pairs.  All with only seven months worth of training!  I'm still amazed that he is my dog and such a great one at that.

Original Entry

"Crazy" Max

I had originally contacted Border Collie Rescue thinking I wanted to foster a dog.  My kids were getting involved in agility and I thought it would be fun to have a summer project.  When I contacted Border Collie Rescue I was looking at fostering another dog.  He had been hit by a car though and  couldn't withstand the rigors of agility, so they suggested Max. Max had been on the rescue site for about seven months.  We were told when people would come to see him, his eyes would bug out and he would start to shake. As soon as they saw his "crazy" behavior they would ask to see another dog. We already had two Jack Russell rescues, so the behavior that bugged other people seemed pretty normal to us. 

We took him home and he went to his first agility lesson three days later. He and I fell in love with each other and agility.  We decided to adopt him and now he is my agility teammate.  Since we started agility in July Max has gone to one trial.  He was awesome, but I still need some work.  He is a great dog and is on his way to becoming an agility star.

I'm grateful to Border Collie Rescue for the opportunity to own (or owned by) such a wonderful dog.

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