Back in March of 2008, my Jack Russell Terrier and my best friend "Stella" passed away suddenly at the ripe old age of nearly 15. I was extremely distraught and sad but was happy that I was with her when she took her last breath. I owed her that much and she waited for me to get home and be with her. The sadness and grief I experienced after was a pain like I've never felt before.


About 3 months later I found myself on just looking at the little faces that needed rescuing. My husband was concerned that if I got another JRT I would think I was "replacing" Stella. He asked that I look at a different breed. My first response to that was "NO WAY". Then one day we thought of Border collies. The closest thing to a JRT. Smart, active, hearty, etc.....


That's when I found myself on the Border Collie Rescue sight which directed me to Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue on Camano Island. 


There she was "Donnie". That face!!! My heart started to race and I felt the warmth that used to envelope me with Stella. I followed all the instructions on the web site. Within a few days I was talking to Eileen on the phone. Within a week we went up to check her out. She was a wiggly, puppy scooting, 8 month old little girl that was happy just to be alive. What an angel.


Then we had Lynn (another great BCR volunteer) come to our house and check out our yard etc. I remember her saying that this was basically a "sanity check". She also said "do you like your flowers and yard?"  I replied "yes" with a question mark. And she said "well you may not have them soon with your new dog". Argh!! Am I making the right decision?


Then came the phone call that I was waiting for. We were accepted to be her new parents!! Although I had no doubt that she would be with us. The next step was to go get her. Luna would be her new name after "Stella Luna". My husband left for an annual 10 day fishing trip and I planned to get her during that time. The drive was about 1 hour and a half. I cried all the way up to get her. I prayed out loud talking to Stella and to God questioning as to if I was doing the "right thing". I put her in the back of my car and began the drive home. I started to cry again. But this time I was crying because I knew I had done the right thing. Now three months later we can't imagine or remember life without her. 


Luna is smart, funny, kind, patient, loving, and my constant companion. Stella lives in my heart and in my memories, and sometimes in Luna.


Huge thanks to everyone involved in any kind of Rescue Shelter. Not only do we as humans rescue them, but they as canine companions rescue us.


Attached are two photos of Luna hiking. She loves the mountains and loves to hike and play in the snow. She is also involved in Frisbee/ Disc and in Sheep Herding. I hope and pray that she lives a long healthy life and we create lot's of memories together!!



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