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Kona came into our family two and a half months ago as Missy, a 7-month old pup.  We had read a description of her on the website but hadn't seen what she looked like until we drove 5 hours to pick her up.  We decided immediately that she was no Missy, so she became Kona.  She is a big girl and at  9-1/2 months, weighs close to 50 pounds.  

Our 7-year old Border Collie, Tye, weighs 40 pounds.  We have had her for 5 years.  She is a failed herding dog, deemed too soft to work stock.  She really is a soft dog and a real sweetie.  Kona was surrendered because she was too timid to work stock.  We don't find her timid at all--more like a bull in a china shop.  

The first two weeks were "interesting" to say the least.  Tye was miffed at having another dog in her house.  Kona demanded a lot of attention and work, but we persevered.  The dogs are quite inseparable now.  Initially, Tye would not engage in any form of doggie play with Kona when we were watching.  It was like she didn't really want us to know she kind of liked the new dog.  Now it doesn't matter.  They go at it in the house all the time.   They stay outside while we are at work, confined on the deck with access to underneath.  The neighbours are royally entertained on a daily basis and the dogs really look forward to going out (a full Buster Cube doesn't hurt either).  

Tye has been really great at teaching Kona the house rules, such as laying on a mat and staying off the furniture.  Kona has learned how to behave towards any cats that happen by as well.  Tye doesn't like cats and feels the need to alert us if any are passing by.  She runs to the window, ears up, tail out and wagging and barks.  Kona responds instantly to Tye's barking.  She ran to the window, carefully observed Tye, and assumed the same pose while barking.  We were amazed.  We have taken Kona to obedience classes.  She really doesn't like to heel, but is a champion at long sit-stays and down-stays.  She has a strong recall which is especially important when she managed to open to gate to go play with her doggie friend who lives across the road.  She is learning to play ball and frisbee by watching Tye and running along with her.  

Kona is a terrific dog who has added much to our lives--more exercise for us, more vacuuming up rope bits that are left over from doggie fun, and loads of fun and laughs.  Whoever gave her up should see her now!